I am a new LVN. I have a question about a word

  1. I am a newly hired lvn and just finished a few days of orientation.

    Today I was asked if I have taken the "Diaphrensic" I have no idea what the nurse manager said but he repeated himself 2 times and I did not want to bother him again telling him that I did not understand. He said what orientation are you doing..have you taking the "d____" class? the new hire teaching class...

    So does anyone know what they were talking about? I feel so bad that i just couldn't understand the d word. Anyone know what the d word could be?

    The small paper with my orientation dates does say the following:

    HR (or NR) Mon 03/04 8:30-12:30
    Nsg Tues 03/05 8-7 pm

    ^ I am sure the top one is human resources and unless there is a NR type class. But what is NSG?
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  3. by   nursel56
    Nsg is probably "nursing" as opposed to HR but you've got me stumped on "diaphrensic". If that schedule is literally the way it reads it's really poorly done and confusing, I agree!
  4. by   Salesman217
    Dialysis??? Who knows... Why don't you call your education department. Or better yet, go back to that manager and say "excuse me, I didn't understand wth you were talking about when you asked me about the diaphresis(???) class. Could you spell it so I can go look it up?".

    The quickest way to kill a patient is to act like you know something (for fear of embarrassment) when you don't know.

    My wife is an MSN/Nurse Midwife of over 20 years currently working on her PhD in education with a nursing focus. She now teaches an NCLEX review course, so she knows EVERYTHING. I'm an RN of 5 years with an associates degree. It always surprises me a little and I'm proud of her for this but whenever I say a word that she doesn't know, she always says without hesistation "what does that mean, I've never heard that word". And this is not only clinical terms but just words in general conversation.

    So the moral of the story is: if you don't know, you better ask somebody... somebody there at your own facility.
  5. by   cclash
    I put it in for a search on google, and the only place it could be found is right here, they suggested diaphoretic, could he have been asking if you were sweating? Next time I would suggest you just ask at the time. Good luck...
  6. by   Scarlo
    Just curious... Did you ever find out what that word was?
  7. by   Stranded55
    Sounds like he didn't really know the correct pronunciation of something. I have been in nursing for almost 23 years and I have never heard that word myself.
  8. by   Stranded55
    nsg = nursing