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  1. I work at a LTCF, which has had it's share of ups and downs. Our current administrator is not a nice man at all. He is an RN that went into administration. We have stand up meeting every AM, where we bring MARs,TARS, and the I&O book. For the past few days there as been talk about all the "holes" in the MAR. Mr. Administrator was in rare room this morning. First he attacked me about sending a resident to the ER that was in respiratory distress. Saying that had I done my job better he would have not be in resp distress. Said pt white count was also 20,000. I thought I did the right thing my sending him to the ER. After making me feel about an inch tall in front of the DON,ADON and other nurses he went on a tyrant about holes in the MAR. At the end he said that he would turn any nurse into the BON for holes in their MAR just for spite. Now I know that holes in the MAR are technically considered med errors, but he said he would do it for SPITE. It almost seems like he wants to get nurses in trouble. He has already ran I don't know how many RNs,LPNs and CNAs away, b/c he makes people feel incompetent. The nurse on the other hall of my wing came back from stand up in tears today as well. His way of approaching things is not the way to get people to do their job more efficiently, making them feel like crap doesn't accomplish anything. It scares people into thinking that they will loose their job or be turned into the board for everything, even if they know in the back of their head they know they did the right thing. If he were to start turning ppl into the BON for holes would that be enough to loose your license? It's just crazy to think about. Ppl are only human. Anyone have any advice or ideas how to handle this situation?
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    Our night shift supervisor or another nurse on the night shift checked for holes on the MAR every day and people fixed things on an ongoing basis. All of you could handle this problem yourselves if you instituted a self check system and watched each other's backs. Either have night shift do it and leave a daily note or paper clip or otherwise "mark" pages; or have each shift check. Doesn't matter how you do it. This is something that can be fixed. This person said he would turn nurses in to the Board out of spite? I would be looking for work elsewhere. He is a first class jerk.
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    Quote from chellelynn25
    Anyone have any advice or ideas how to handle this situation?
    Here's how I'd handle the situation. . .

    If I had to work under an administrator like the one you have described, I would vote with my feet by running to another place of employment. Life is too short to work under an insulting manager who doesn't have a clue about the stressors faced by his floor nurses. Shame on him.