Hate hate hate my job

  1. As the title says, I hate my job. I work in LTC. In my area, the pay around here is generally pretty low but I make in the high range. I also have to drive 50 minutes over a mountain that is regularly shut down in the winter because of the freezing conditions. I love my residents but cannot standout people I work with and certainly can't tolerate the administration. It's not just me, many people feel the same way. You can't speak to anyone and expect any sort of respect in return. People will flat out tell you to not ask questions cause they aren't gonna help. I'm a new grad and new at my facility so of course I need help. But when a new person screws up, all hell breaks loose. It's a lose lose situation. I am part time where I am but it's a large facility so I am able to get all the hours that I want. Which is nice. I was recently offered another position which seems to be a better place. However, it's part time and it's small so I'm only guaranteed 20 hours a week. I absolutely cannot live on that income. I don't have many options around here. I'm not sure what to do.

    If it were you, would you risk being short on money and bills to maybe be happy or would you stay at a place that leaves you in tears and physically I'll everyday? I'm so torn on what to do.
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  3. by   SquishyRN
    Look for another job while still being employed there. Once you've found something else, then leave.
  4. by   jadelpn
    If you absolutely can't live on part time wages, then that is not going to work. And that could be more stress than your full time job. I would see if in fact you can make it on a part time salary. You will have to sit down and budget things out. It may surprise you once you put pencil to paper. Especially considering the commute.

    Because you are a new grad, there are limited options. So get the experience you need while looking for something else. You could work the part time job, and do some per diem, perhaps. Try visting nurses, hospice, your local school district for some substitute nursing. Local MD offices, urgent care, giving flu shots (which is seasonal, but never the less extra $$). Make a resume, and bring it to local places that may not be advertising. Go to your local hospital websites and type in LPN in the job search. Hosptials are not prone to hiring LPN's, however, the MD offices that are affiliated with the hospitals sometimes do. Another thought is that if there is a union that is in the area for LPN's, look on their website, as they will also often have job listings.

    If you hate your job, part of that could be just the overwhelming feeling we all get when it is new. Remember, we don't go to work to make friends, so your co-workers can do their thing, while you do yours, and if they are less than stellar people, not your issue. And generally, not many can tolerate administration, but unless they are on you about your work, then again--they may be less than stellar people, but fly under the radar and do your thing. You are there for the residents that you enjoy.

    Worst case scenario--stock away as much savings as you possibly can--again, with the budget thing--if you are on the high end of the pay scale, and work part time until you can find another part time or per diem position. This is a huge chance, however. So you really need to take the step of writing it all out, and see how much you really need to live on.

    Best of luck in your endevours.
  5. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    See if you could work the job prn to atleast have your foot in the door, build up your experience, and keep looking for something else. You dont want to go part time if you cant afford it because that will def make you more miserable living pay check to pay check.
  6. by   Maremma
    Is it possible that the part time job will eventually go full time? Rather than pick up any extra hours where you are at maybe you could work both jobs to get your foot in the door and as soon as its available switch to full time at the better position? Or maybe you could pick up a second part time job to supplement the income of the better job until a full time spot comes open?

    I understand how frustrated you are. I walked a mile in your shoes as a new nurse in LTC. There certainly is no mercy in the LTC setting and it is about to get a whole lot worse with all the problems coming from Obamacare. It is already very hard for a new nurse and to be put in such a tough position right off the bat it is no wonder so many fail and leave the profession. I can tell you that even in a horrible work environment the longer you stick it out the easier it gets because you find your own routine and system for getting thing done. Speed comes with experience. I cried every night after leaving work for the first 3-4 months as a new LPN in LTC.

    It is a nightmare where I am too. We have RN's come in and go right back out because they are shocked and unable to do what is expected of us. It seems to be a matter of do or die for an LPN right now though. We have a lot less options on where to go to escape the abuse heaped on us. Good luck and just remember that speed comes with time. Perseverance is required to be able to maintain most options open for an LPN.
  7. by   1pinknurse
    Let me tell you, no matter where you work there will be negative people. Don't allow those people to stop you from doing what you need to do. Regardless of their attitude, ask necessary questions cause at the end of the day it's about the patients & not your co-workers. They don't pay your bills nor live with you. Could you take the part time job & get a per diem at another facility? I'm just saying because of the drive. I really wouldn't allow anyone to stop me from where I am going. I know some people at my work don't like me but I could care less and I still ask questions.
  8. by   NurseQT
    Wow, almost sounds like my old job.. I enjoyed my residents, loved the team of nurses and CNAs I worked with, as well as the practitioners. But the administration and upper management were horrible! They were always quick to point out what the nursing staff did wrong and could never show any appreciation for everything we did.. The atmosphere was horrible. I hated my job and it effected my life outside of work.. I was always angry and short tempered. I hated having to go in to work everyday.
    My suggestion is to look into the smaller facility. You may be hired for a part time position but there may be hours available that you can pick up.. And when a full time position opens up you'll already have your foot in the door..