Hard to get specialty area jobs??

  1. I have a question regarding LPNs working in specialty areas in hospitals. Has anyone been able to get a job in a specialty area such as L&D, Postpartum, ER, etc... as an LPN? Most of the hospitals around my area say they do not hire LPNs to work in these areas. They will hire us for Med/Surg, but I HATE working the Med/Surg floor! I am a good nurse & don't want to sell myself short by working in a Dr's office, nor do I want to be miserable working Med/Surg! If anyone has any suggestions on how to work my way into an area other than Med/Surg, PLEASE help! Many many thanks in advance! :smiletea2:
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Our hospital hires LPNs in OR, ER, Postpartum, Telemetry.
  4. by   kat7ap
    I work in postpartum. It depends on the hospital and area you live in. Not all hospitals in my area have LPN's in postpartum and some don't hire LPN's at all. Before this I worked in a LDRP (Labor Delivery Recovery Postpartum) where I took postpartum patients, worked the desk, stocked rooms, and scrubbed for c-sections.
  5. by   MedicalLPN
    The OB unit where I work at likes to utilize LPNs as scrub techs for c-sections and also uses them to work the floor as well. Occasionally we have openings in Peds and in the ER for an LPN but the best shot is on our Medical unit, Surgical Unit, and OR. Our outpatient psych unit has a couple LPN's as well. At a neighboring hospital they hire LPN's for their Med/surg and Cardiac PCU, Neuro Trauma PCU, and on the general pediatrics unit. However, most of these specialty jobs are only open to LPN's with at least 1 year of Med/Surg experience, I'm hoping to get my year in and transfer to either a cardiac stepdown or the neuro trauma stepdown unit.