Going on an upswing!

  1. My ER recently instituted a new procedure with the "non-RNs" and I'm pleased to say it is working much better.

    After many, many frustrating months of feeling torn between RNs putting off unsavory tasks on me we have finally resorted back to a more effective TEAM MODEL. I'm no longer floating everywhere in the ER, but rather confined to 8 rooms with 2 other RNs. I used to be able to act as a Primary Nurse, similar to that of an RN, but the Studer Group came in and said it was unacceptable to have LPNs in a Primary Nursing role due to the inability to perform assessments (b/c LPNs only collect data).

    Finally, I feel myself enjoying my job to the point of extreme highs. Every day I work is the best day ever- just like it used to be when I was a new hire! It is so nice to enjoy work once again. I no longer feel ashamed to tell other nurses, "no, you'll have to find your medic, LPN, or tech to do that for you. If you can't find them, talk to the charge nurse because I'm helping my team."

    I'm always moving and giving excellent care. I'm following up on all the patients that receive pain medication and performing hourly vitals on everyone. I'm finally having the time to provide support in the shock rooms! I actually got to hang blood two weeks ago! First time ever for me!!! This was something I've been wanting to do for 2 years but never had the opportunity! It wasn't nearly as exciting as I was expecting, but its one thing off my list. I have time now to assist in advanced procedures or help one of the RNs out when they're busy with another pt. I'm able to say, "I'm going to be one of your nurses today" and feel like it is the truth.

    Before, I was going into a room, giving a med, never following up, going to another room and starting an IV, never checking fluid stop times, transporting a pt and never knowing the complications associated with their diagnosis. I was always being ordered around and never had time to feel like I was giving good care due to being stretched so thin. I had so much animosity building up towards my RN peers because they always asked me to do the stuff they didnt want to do or because they weren't managing their time appropriately.

    I'm just very happy to say.... my job is very enjoyable once again.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from libran1984
    I'm just very happy to say.... my job is very enjoyable once again.
    This is wonderful news, libran1984. I've heard that the man who enjoys his job never really has to work a day in his life.
  4. by   BrandonLPN
    This is why I love the Team Nursing model as well. Everyone has a clearly defined role.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your job and to provide the care you want.