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  1. I am not exactly sure why I became a Nurse in the first place, I guess because I always wanted to work with people. I was a commercial fisherman for many years, and worked trades jobs in the off-season. I graduated from a abusive, horrible LPN program almost a year ago. I recently worked a crazy, multi-physician urgent-care clinic job for about a month, before I got dismissed. I felt I was doing a decent job, and even had a couple of Doctors tell me I was doing good, and to hang in there. The 12 hour shifts were absolutely terrible, and the crush of patients was even worse. The sad thing, is that I was learning a tremendous amount, and was really starting to understand the position.

    I'm not sure where to go at this point in time. I really don't like LTC, but I respect it, and think that the Nurses that work in that environment are true angels in disguise. I have had some positive interviews since, with specialty clinics in the community (Population > 200,000) , with no success. It seems they would rather hire a Medical assistant, than a LPN. I have fears about LTC, as there is a crazy patient load, and no real orientation process.. Not sure where to go from here, except to change careers, or dive head first into LTC........
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  3. by   HeatherLPN
    Not all LTC have crazy patient loads and bad orientation. My facility gets crazy sometimes, but the nurses are always helping each other out, and the DON will too. I had a month's orientation too. Things still some up sometimes that I'm not sure about, but everyone is willing to help. You just have to find the right facility.

    I swore I would never work LTC, but I love it.
  4. by   bcskittlez
    Hey, I dont know what area you live in but they are developing these new long term hospitals where patients stay about 25 days when they cant stay at the hospital that long. They are similar to the hospital environment and they pay well in this area. Search for those in your area. Try temp agencies as well.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I work at a long-term care facility and have 18 patients to care for, which is not all that bad. At my last LTC job I had 33 patients, so having 18 patients is similar to driving a Cadillac.

    Long term care is fairly simple because you're dealing with many stable elderly patients who have very predictable outcomes, and, thus don't need daily head-to-toe assessments that consume time.
  6. by   sooloo
    Cheer up! Sounds like you have been through the mill. Don't give up on nursing if in fact you think that this is truly a career that you like. I know that some are in it for other reasons but nursing must be something that you truly love I think. There are many, many different areas in the field of nursing and that's what makes it so great are all the different options. LTC is not all there is. You must choose where you are the most happiest. I truly believe that this is why God gave us all different personalities with different mind sets and skills so that we would all eventually find a place that we love and enjoy going to work at. I say cheer up, hang in there and keep searching for the right place you need to be.
  7. by   lindseylpn
    I started my career in LTC, although i liked most of my patients and co-workers the work load was extremely hard. I'm sure it's not that bad everywhere but, my experiences have been bad. I left LTC to work for a specialty physicians office and i too was "dismissed" after about 3 months. I loved the dr i worked for and she always praised the work i did, i didn't get a reason for being dissmissed although i heard rumors that it was because the dr wasn't making much money and the office wanted her to hire a medical assistant, that they wouldn't have to pay as much.
    After that experience i found a job at a group home for the developmentally disabled and it is trully the best job i have ever had, its so rewarding and you really feel appreciated. I also have a friend that just started working home health and she loves it, and she's hated everything shes ever done as a nurse. Maybe you could try one of these positions out, maybe they'll work for you too. (pay is also better) Good luck
  8. by   alitak
    Thanks to all for the great, positive suggestions. I really appreciate it. I realize that there are other options for licensed Nurses, and I will be trying my best to find the right job for me. This website is really great, because there are so many positive people on here, and it is a nice source for info and support.

    Thanks again, God Bless...
  9. by   NurseHeather1
    I would reccommend finding one in your area with a subacute unit and giving it a try. I workfor a LTC center with a subacute unit and I am loving it. I usually have 11-15 patients depending on our census. The LT hall has 30. My orientation was a month. Depends on the facility!
    Good Luck!
  10. by   luckypie
    Hey.....I work w/ DDMR clients and LOVE it! In and around Chattanooga, if you work with me I'll just die.