Failed twice. Please help!

  1. I took my exam today 2/7/18 and I did the Pearson Vue trick. It asked for my credit card info so it means I didn't passed. I used PN mastery and exam Cram as a resource. Anyone who passed , can you please suggest a good resources. I am very very desperate to to pass in the future.Please any suggestion will be very much appreciated! I am so heartbroken I got so teary eyed before, during and after my exam
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  3. by   lransom10
    I graduated LPN program 2013. The timeframe to take Nclex has expired in my state. What state can I go to to take my Nclex after 4 1/2 years.
  4. by   Jwilliams04
    Hey i just passed 02-08-2018. I went up to 175 and passed i just waited for the next day.I used Uworld.Only for 3 weeks so dont give up just study harder.
  5. by   KrCmommy522
    Don't give up! Just try to look at your study habits and maybe see where you went wrong? Answer as many questions as you can until you retake the NCLEX. Just do tons of questions and make sure to read each and every rationale - even for the ones you get correct. For me, things only seem to really stick in my head when I write them down. I read too fast and I type too fast so when I try just reading something or try typing notes, it doesn't stick as well. So, whenever I got questions wrong, instead of just reading the rationale, I would also write it down. Then, at some point, I would go back over all the rationales I wrote down. I'd go back and answer more questions, doing the same thing - reading rationales for ones I got right, writing down rationales for ones I got wrong. After a bit of time had passed, I would go back through and re-do the questions to see how well I did compared to before. Good luck!

    lransom10 - You might want to post your own question in the NCLEX forum. That way more people can see it and answer your question!! Good luck!