Emergent Care vs Extended Care

  1. Hello to all- I am a newly graduated LPN from MN. I have 2 job offers. One at an Emergent(urgent) care clinic and the other in the extended care department for the VA hospital. Just wondering which one to choose based on getting better experience. Let me know your suggestions. Thanks.
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    It's more likely that you'll get a more varied experience at the urgent care center than in extended care at a VA hospital. Extended care patients tend to have one of a handful of chronic conditions whereas in the urgent care setting you might see a gunshot wound in the morning, a toddler with asthma in the afternoon and a woman in preterm labor in the evening. Just my
  4. by   Tweety
    You're talking an Urgent Care Clinic, not an emergency room, so you're not going to see the cases Jan describes above. You're going to see worker's comp cases, physicals, cuts and bruises, stomach aches, fevers, a wide variety of cases for sure, occasionally some drama, but pretty low key stuff compared to an emergency room.

    The extended care facility is probably pretty routine as well, meds, treatments, care, etc. Each has it's own selling points.

    I'll move this to LPN forum where LPNs who may work these areas can see your post. Most of the first year nurses in this forum are RNs working in hospitals from what I've seen.

    Good luck to you and congratulations!!