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  1. by   luv4nursing
    thanks for the helpful info. I am currently and LPN student and I, along with a couple of close classmates, intend to sign up for excelsior when we are done. I feel that the intensity of this program has taught me the discipline I need....we have so many tests all the time all I do is study! To be honest I would prefer a traditional program because u HAVE to do the work along with the course calendar, not when u feel like it, lol

    Anyway, my question to u guys who know more about Excelsior is, as far as the pre reqs, those are classes Ive never heard of. I have English and Anatomy....but the ethics and religion is a new one to me. If I have humanities credits but not those specific classes, do u think they would fulfill the humanities requirement? Also, can I be working on finishing the pre reqs online this summer thru excelsior or must I wait until I actually have my LPN license in hand before I can enroll in any pre reqs?

    thanks in advance for any input!
  2. by   wbrolet
    For you pre'reqs - call up excelsior and see if what you already have can fullfill that humanities requirement. For example.. when I sent them my transcript I had classes that they gave me duel credit one, so 1 class fullfilled my need actually in two different spots! (Hey who would buck that!) They don't care WHICH classes you take to fullfill your humanities, they are just looking for ANY kind of class you took that will help put an X through the list so you can move on. Hope this helps! So call em speak to your accedimic advisor. and then report back Good luck !
  3. by   karnel69
    Wish i would have seen this thread yesterday. I signed up w/college network yesterday. However whats' done is done and I looked forward to finishing.
  4. by   karnel69
    Quote from wbrolet
    Hello everyone. I'm in CA, I am "grandfathered" in with Excelsior as the BON in CA no longer accepts Excelsior students past Dec 2003. I was enrolled for over a year before I actually sat down and started studying. I just passed Nursing concepts 1, and trying to decide if I should do A&P and Lifespan before continueing on with NC2-7. Any feed back would be great!

    Also as I mentioned I'm in CA but we are considering a possible move to Tx (North of Dallas). Any LVN's here from Tx? How's the job market in Tx? How's the pay scale? I work at an out patient surgery center and make very good money, not to mention I totally LOVE it! I think I'll stay within the pre/post and circulating when I become an RN.

    btw... any of you who are thinking of the Excelsior route, be aware that Kansas BON just axed extended learning via excelsior not allowing them to sit for the NCLEX. Kansas thus far the only state that doesn't allow (except for Illnois as well... they have never allowed excelsior grads) and just for clarity no one here in CA could sign up for the RN program after Dec 2003 - people who enrolled prior are infact "Grandfathered in" and won't have a problem sitting for NCLEX per Excelsior. What a shame too - as I think we may have a broader recollection of nursing school (be it unconventional way of learning) because we MUST be self starters, self motivators and self studiers.

    Looking forward to any feed back. (revised for clarity)

    I am officially an LVN as of 1/4/2005. There are jobs all over the state of Tx. and the pay averages anywhere from 11.50 to 22.00, atleast that's what I am finding. I also just signed up w/college network as of yesterday. Wish me luck, I'll need it.
  5. by   Jan.Gammage
    I was taken back at the adverse experience conveyed in the "Clinical" posting, but the ongoing pain as experienced with my local CC were more than one should have to contend with. That having been said, is there a forum that covers the general levels of satisfaction with "The College Network" business model verses direct enrollment with Excelsior.

    It seems like a direct enrollment with Excelsior scenario for the LVN/ LPN to ADN (RN) bridge can be completed with a TOTAL cost of less than $5,000, not including book costs. The $5K amount include admission, tuition, ALL testing fees, the clinical costs and graduation. A friend contracting with RUE for the test books etc, reported bad experiences with the text materials and total out of pock cost approaching $10K.

    The folks at The College Network cite costs including texts in the neighborhood of $5-6K, but it is not clear that this represents a total cost number. I would also like to know if the general consensus of College Network students felt good about the arrangement after the dust settled...

    Thanks in advance for your comments and assistance.

    Regards, Jan

    PS I would like to purchase (e.g. cheap) the college network nursing concepts 1-7 study manuals.
  6. by   TheCommuter
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