1. I am about to start my second semester in my nursing program. They accept 100 people and for the first 2 semesters we are all considered LPN students. Well After this second semester i have to choose whether i want to go on for the summer semester and graduate in august as an LPN... Or continue on for 3 more semesters(summer, fall,spring) and graduate May 08 as an RN. I really know that nursing is what i want to do and i am doing well, I'm confident that i will graduate as a nurse(RN or LPN), i told everyone i was going for my RN and what not, but now I'm thinking about becoming an LPN. Can someone tell me what are some of the difference in responsibilities between RN and LPN. How is it for guys as LPNs? I want to be a nurse as soon as possible, i mean i can wait i am not strapped for cash and i could go another year, i have family and friends who help me out alot, and thats one of the reasons why i would want to continue on as a RN, but I think it would also be great to be an LPN. I know its a decision only i can make but maybe some of you out there can give me some insight with your experiences,

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  3. by   Jules A
    Its a shame they don't offer you both options, a friend of mine was in a program where anyone who wanted to could sit for the PN NCLEX after the first year and then continue on with the RN program. If you are sure you want to be a nurse and aren't in a huge financial crunch to get to work, I would definitely continue on and get my RN. In my opinion, and this isn't to in any way to make light of the extra education RNs complete, there are only a few subtle differences in what RNs and LPNs do but the pay rate can be almost twice as much and the jobs are way more abundant. Best of luck with whatever you decide. Jules
  4. by   AntFlip7395
    In your position, I'd go straight for the RN program without hesitation. You'll be in a much better career position.
  5. by   cardiacRN2006
    Why can't you do both?
  6. by   tookewlandy
    I'm not sure, I live in Pa and i guess they wont allow you to sit for the NCLEX-PN after you finish a certain point. Which makes no sense because they consider us LPN students until the 3rd semester.

    I thought about the pay difference and thats another reason i would want to just go straight for the RN, and career advancement. I probably will just continue on knowing myself, but i do have in the back of my mind "why not just stop, get some experience as an LPN, and then if you want to go back"
  7. by   pagandeva2000
    If they offer you the option of sitting for NCLEX-PN at some point, and you are still able to go on, then, go for it. I have a friend that did it. I just spoke to him today, and he told me that he works as an RN, and has a private case that pays well under his LPN license. He said that he prefers to have a quiet home case where he doesn't have to kill himself, yet, he is also gaining experience as an RN at his primary job. There are plenty of ways to juggle this. I do say, though, that if you aren't married with children, to stick it out for the RN since this is your heart's desire.