Can lpn's become dialysis nurses?

  1. Can LPN's also become dialysis nurses? If so, do they need to go back to school to get any additional training? I am interested in doing this type of work. Can someone please tell me how would I go about becoming a dialysis lpn? What are the things I need to do?

    If it helps, I live in Michigan.
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  3. by   Fiona59

    In my province, you have to be employed by the health authority and then it's a fully paid 12-16 week education programme.

    Since everything is pretty much privatized in the US, you could start researching the different sites that do the procedure and contact them.
  4. by   CLUVRN
    In Florida, LPN's can work at dialysis centers; however he/she must be I.V. certified in order to qualify for employment. You should look at job ads for dialysis nurses online or in your local newspaper to find out what their specific requirements are for your geographic area.
  5. by   geneva127
    I worked in Dialysis for 6 years as an LPN in Maryland. On the job training and certification was provided by the company.
  6. by   belgarion
    My wife is on dialysis and in the center she goes to they have three LVNs and six or seven RNs. Most of the RNs started out working there as a tech and the company paid for them to go to school. They won't pay for LVN school, only RN.
    I looked at the company's jobs website and LVN isn't even listed under the occupations they hire for.
    I guess it all depends on where you are and which company you apply to.