Cali LVN to Vegas LPN

  1. hi! i plan to move to vegas in a year or so... what do i need to do as far as licensing to be able to work in the state of nevada? do i have to take the nclex in that state? also, how much do lpn's make in las vegas area? do they need lpn's in the area?

    on another note: are there any rn programs in california or nevada (las vegas) where you won't need any pre-requisites? like those private programs that costs a grip, and is a fast track program? i'm just wondering.... the waiting list in my area for the rn program takes forever..
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Not sure about the nursing programs without prereqs, but check out this link to the endorsement application for Nevada. (Endorsement is the term for an already licensed nurse who wants to become licensed in another state.) No repeat NCLEX is required.
  4. by   suebird3
    I would also drop by the NV State Forum at: .

  5. by   mel1977
    I went from CA to NV with my CNA and though it isn't the same you go through the state board. We didn't have to take any additional tests and I don't think licensed PNs do either. I worked in a HealthSouth and there were PLENTY of LPN spots. Not sure about the hospitals but there were jobs. I was getting ready to apply for the LPN school there (ONLY ONE in LV) then hubby got fired and we moved. To my remembrance, there were no pre-reqs so to speak but they were integrated into the program. The LPN there was 2 years I think or 1.5 where as I got mine here in MO in 11 months. BUT, I got no college credits where you would at the community college in NV. Hope this might help a little anyway.