anyone works in clinic setting?

  1. hi ! just wondering how is it like working in a doctors clinic? outpatient clinic? community center? what are the ups and downside of it? im curretly working in ltc in NJ, but just a thought of having a partime in a doctors clinic....all answers are very much appreciated!:spin:
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Depends on if you are working in a public health clinic, a hospital clinic or a private practice.

    Office hours can range from 08-21 hrs. Saturdays are the norm in walk in clinics and I'm seeing more and more open on Sundays.

    Wages in my area are comparable to hospital/union rates. Having said that, most medicentres and private practices don't pay shift premiums and often their benefits aren't very good.

    Mostly injections, dressing changes, some drug dispensing. Depends on where you work. In the hospital outpatient departments there are a lot of complex dressings.
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    I work in a hospital clinic. Am off weekends and holidays, which I love. I do a great deal of patient teaching, give vaccinations, clonidine (to quickly lower high blood pressure), send patients to the emergency room or directly to the floor. Nebulizer treatments, EKGs, dressings (once in a blue moon), insulin, PPDs, etc. I like it there, because of having the weekends and holidays to myself. I also work on the weekends as a vaccination nurse during flu season, and home care. Downside of it is that you may lose skills. This is why I do the home care; I can do skills, yet, not have the pressure because it is only one patient.
  5. by   mcg1929
    whoah**sounds like its the perfect job for me?!:spin: is it stressful though? i wonder if they have anything like that in NJ....i dont know where to apply...right now im so exhausted working in 2 jobs in long term care,and work weekends and holidays! how i wish i can do what youre doing..thanks !!!!
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    It can be stressful because I work for a city hospital that serves people whether they can pay for services or not; therefore it is usually CROWDED. But, we get paid the same as the LPNs that work in-house, same benefits and all. It is worth it to me, because it is hard for new nurses to begin jobs with a schedule with weekends and holidays. I consider myself to be blessed for that reason.