anyone have trouble finding a job?

  1. I'm in an ADN program and challenged the LPN boards in Sept. and passed but now I can't seem to find a job! :uhoh21: I didn't expect this at all. Our local hospital very rarely hires LPN's and they were looking for some for the ED. I interviewed and didn't get it. The LTC facility I worked at as a CNA for two years has NO openings as a LPN. I've applied at other LTC facilities and they are all just hiring 3rd shift which will not work with my family. Anyone else have this problem?
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  3. by   JazzyLPN
    I'm not personally having trouble, only because I am not searching right now. I graduated in August, and I'm in the process of relocating. However, there are about 5 girls in my class who absolutely can not find jobs. It's terrible and sad. This is just a bad state period when it comes to jobs. I hope when I move out of state it will be a different story. Sorry you are having trouble, I hope things change for the better.
  4. by   Elektra6
    I just got my license in Sept and I had no luck in finding a hospital job in NJ. I applied to several LTC facilities and was hired for second shift. A lot of jobs in the paper were for pool/per diem which I didn't want (I need benefits) Most of the best (in my opinion) jobs around here were for LPNs with experience. Good luck and keep trying!