Advice needed =**o(

  1. I had my heart set on going to LVN school this November. Turns out that my loan fell short and only got approved for 20k when I need 30k. What should I do? I really really so badly want to go to this school.
    I was born to be a NURSE

    Can I take the 20k from this lender (SM) and get 10k from another lender? Is that even possible?

    Please help me with ANY advice
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  3. by   jmking
    You can try another lender, is it a fsfa Loan or private? Before you sign up for the loan, contact another lender to see how much it would cost. Try citibank or salliemae.

  4. by   scallywags
    I took a partial loan from Sallie Mae and made payments to the school each month (without interest). Does you school allow you to make payments? You should also contact banks in the area and ask about their educational loans, or just a personal loan.

    Good luck. I know this is hard, but it always works out!
  5. by   MAmom81
    I wanted to attend a private college but I would have to take out a loan, there LVN program cots $19,681 and I also called another school and their LVN program is $22,000!!! My husband wants to buy a house soon so he really did want to take out a loan so I decided to put my name on my CC wait and I will start in Fall 2008 or Fall 2009!!! I know it's wait but it is something that I have to do. i hope that you get another loan and can start in November I wish you good luck, keep us posted ok