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Hi... I did my LPN and got license in 2001 and kept my license active all these years... I didn't work because I was busy with my kids... now I have time and I am ready to work as a Full Time LPN nurse... please help me as I have no experience... but I topped in my LPN program... got license in first attempt... I applied couple of places but they said that they cannot hire me as I have no experience... so, what should I do now... what are my options? where can I get a job in Tampa? Any recommendations? Please help me with your expertise...



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I know a lot of the hospitals have "refresher" type orientations. You might try there. I believe you can apply online. Best of luck!

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How about a temp agency or something similar they hire people with no experience. Also I don't know if you live in Tampa but every Weds (?) in the mail a magazine called The Flyer comes and they have a mini employement section that facilities are always advertizing for nurses with no experience. At the 7-11's where the magazine rack is there are also a lot of employement guides that have job positions for nurses in them. They are mostly LTC as some hospitals don't hire LPN's anymore in Tampa. Good Luck.


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You could probably also get a job doing private duty. I started doing that as a new grad with no experience. The cases are super easy and require very few skills. In peds, u pretty much deal with trachs and gtubes a lot and thats about it. Some kids are on vents but I dont take those cases bc they dont even pay more for the higher acuity (at least my agency doesnt). I work for Maxim Healthcare in Tampa now and worked with Children First in Orlando when I first started.

Also many nursing homes would take u with no experience, but be careful bc that is usually because they dont care and need warm bodies to show up....make sure u find one who will give u a proper orientation.

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