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Please,does anyone know of agencies hiring new graduate lpn with license?Thank you for reading.

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Please,does anyone know of agencies hiring new graduate lpn with license?Thank you for reading.

i just interviewed with Heart 2 Heart Homecare, Preferred Healthmate, Always Homecare, Sterling Homecare... Im always looking for more so if you hear anything pls reply as well =/ goodluck

Thank you so much;i will definately let you know.

hey moving up:

here are some:

please contact cheryl @ 856.298.0167 for immediate consideration.


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hey sry for takingn so long to reply. thanks for the info but they are too far for me... Im still looking. The agencies i did interview with went well but now im getting the run around with a few of them =/... hope your having better luck

What do you mean by run around with them?I am waiting patiently for NJBON to endorse my license as i am sincerely broke at the moment andi will like a good christmas dinner for my family this year;please NJBON,approve me as soon as you can.

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for one of them i been calling them for wks cuz all i have to do is take the classes that are needed before i can start on a case but its so hard to get a hold of the person in charge of that. either she's gone for days, if she is there she's on the phone, call back in 15 min she's gone again, finally get a chance to speak with her a little b4 thanksgiving and she tells me that there not processing applications till the first full week in dec. i WAIT and call yesterday, now theyre not processing apps till sometime in january :confused:..... another one has been telling me every wk they have just been waiting for my reference cards to come back, which are cards that were sent to my personal references. i call my ppl to find out why they havent sent them back and they tell me that they filled them out and sent them back the same day they got them and that was the beginning of NOV...... 2 other ones honestly told me they dont have any cases right now... Tomorrow i go and take classes with this one agency in teaneck. im crossing my fingers that they get me started on cases right away...

Goodluck and walk into the nursing homes too.

pm me and i might be able to recommend you in our facility.

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