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Is anybody else in Delaware having a really hard time finding an LPN job????Everyone wants experience how are we supposed to get experience if no one will hire us????

You might want to try corrections or a doctor's office. Some long term care places will hire new grads. If you have to travel in order to get experience it might be worth the sacrifice. I am even looking outside the state. Don't give up. Good luck!


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I am not sure as to your experience but LTC is a good place to start. I have been an LPN for almost 15 years now and do pediatric home care for medically fragile children and love every minute. I cannot say there is lack of hours because I am busting my butt trying to fill the gaps. I work for Bayada and have found them to be a great agency when it comes to training. There is also Maxim and Christiana Care VNA. Good Luck

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