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Lpn Entrance Exam Info?

by replicat replicat (New) New

Hey guys, I have another couple of q's.

Ive been trying to do a little research to find out what the LPN program entrance exam consists of.

I have come across two exams. The HESI and the NET, and im a bit confused and im trying to figure out which one im going to take prior to acceptance to an LPN program (American Career College to be specific)

And finally, what does this exam consist of ? Is it pretty basic?

Thanks so much in advanced!:D

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Place a simple telephone call to the admissions representative at American Career College to find out which entrance exam they require prospective students to take. My experience has been that most career colleges and trade schools will readily give this information out, and some places may even offer you a study guide that will give you a good idea of the material that will be found on the test.

In addition, not all LPN programs utilize the NET or the HESI as entrance exams. Some schools use the TABE, others use the TEAS, and so forth. This is why you must call the school to discover which test you'll be taking.

I took the TEAS. It was fair, if youve been to school recently, then i think youll be fine. My school had a review course that was pretty inexpensive....but if i were you id call the school and ask, because they have books you can study from before the test to help you prepare...goodluck!

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