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lpn diploma online

Lanany1 Lanany1 (New) New

I'm a cma i would like to know if i can take LPN course online,

thank you an advance


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Lanan- there are no online LPN programs out there, as far as I know. Good luck to you!


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I remember reading on another board that some company was going to start a online LPN program but I do not remember where I saw it. I think it would be very scary to get a online degree in LPN. This is where I got the basics of all my skills and where able to practice and learn why we do them. I am getting my RN online but that is different because my foundation has been established and I am building on that. So as of right now, there are no LPN programs on line. You are going to have to go to a brick and mortar for that.

ybstressed, LVN

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There is a online LVN progrem with North Central Texas College in Corinth and Gainsville Texas. Your basic classes will be online, like med calculations, that do not require you to be in a class room. You DO have to take test in person and you DO have to complete clinicals in person. The program is VERY strict because its online (the school does not want slackers). I was acccepted and start Jan. 20th but let me tell you they stress how hard it will be. You WILL be dropped from the program if you fell a med cal test more than once. You can only miss one clinical or you will be dropped. You can be be late to clinicals twice before being dropped. You will have clinicals every Sat. and Sun. for once year (3 semesters). And so far thats all i know....I will know more after Dec 5th and I will update this post.


Does NCTC require any prereq's? I am waiting for the July registration to post on their website. Can you tell me the things that I need to have done BEFORE any consideration? (AP, shots, etc.,?) This is by far my best bet. I'm a teacher full time and I've been searching for a program that will allow me to keep teaching.

Thank you for any information you can give me!

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