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I am in the process of studying for the TEAS and plan to begin The adult-ed LPN course. I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question but is homework even though there are 24 hours of classroom and six hours of clinic time? I currently work as a PCA (I will get my HHA in January) and want to keep some hours. Thank you.

yes there will be homework and study time outside of the classroom.

Thank you. Do you have a guess-timate of how much homework there is? 2 hours a day? more, less. I want to work while doing this but it might be too hard for me.

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My nursing program's only homework each semester was 1 care plan that was due at the end of each class/semester. Aside from that, we had ZERO weekly homework, but just had to study for weekly quizzes. My nursing program was cool haha.

But yes, you will have lots and lots and lots of studying.

I like that. BTW What state are you from? I live in New York State, which, contrary to popular belief, in mostly forests, mountains, and farm land (even though we're not considereed Mid-West, we are very Mid-Westerny. New York State usually has stricter rules; but if it's just a care plan, I could do it. How much study time did you spend a day? Thanks for your feedback.

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I just realized that you were talking about going to school for LPN first. I actually don't know anything about LPN programs unfortunately. I'm from southern California if that means anything. In terms of studying, I studied almost every day except for clinical days for several hours. My bad for not reading the original post thoroughly haha.

I love Southern Cal. I am not a morning person at all but when I was there, I woke up with the sun (and stayed up) every day. I definately live on the wrong side of the country. So were you in an LPN course?

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