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I live in Washington state. I'm a CNA right now in an assisted living facility as I get healthcare experience post BS degree since I don't know yet what I'm doing.

We currently have a LPN who has the "Director of Nursing" title. However, she is highly incompetent and, honestly, I can't help but question her judgement and I don't trust her.

If I suggest something in our meetings or I say something about a resident she says the complete opposite and ignores what I say.

For example, we have a patient who takes a scheduled pain killer 3x a day. I asked if it would be okay to change the times to earlier. Right now they're at 8AM, 2PM and 8PM which is fine, however, he needs/wants them earlier. So what she says back to me is, "Is that just easier for you or does he want that?" And then she goes, "Well I don't want to change his med time it's a lot of work and since you're not a nurse you don't know the standardized times that us nurses like to give meds." And then she said, "You can give it an hour before or after."

I didn't say anything and just walked off. Let me just say that first, I pass the meds. She doesn't touch them. Second, 2PM is not the standard time in the facility, it's 12pm when everyone is down for lunch. Third, it would have taken 2 minutes to change the time.

On top of all of this, I've caught her mistakes with med errors and forgetting to transcribe meds. I've found expired meds in our med storage room and med cart. I'll be off a day or two from work and return with prescriptions not filled and patients who have missed meds because they either haven't been ordered or the Mds haven't approved for refill. This list goes on and on.

When I've asked her if she will talk to the owner about something for all the CNAs about paid lunches during our evening shift when we're in the facility alone, she told me it was my responsibility and she wasn't going to get involved.

What are some things I can do? We recently got a new RN hired and she is great. I try as much as possible to talk to her instead of the LPN. However, when she treats me with contempt how can I stick up for myself? This is my first job as a CNA and I don't care what title someone is. The disrespect and lack of doing her job and me picking up her slack is getting to me.


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Look for a job elsewhere and ease yourself out of there.


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Sadly, disrespect and contempt from management seems to be the "norm" in today's nursing world. In the old days, it wasn't so bad. I remember having "supportive" nursing managers who were kind to me. I don't know if leaving the job would help. I have left jobs only to discover that the "new job" has the same to offer as the old one did-disrespect and contempt.


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First, moving on to another facility may be best.

Second, she may be intimidated by your degree. If being "in charge" is all she's got going in her life, she may feel protective of her position and resents correction. Choose your battles carefully.

Third, moving on may benefit both of you.

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