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Are there any LPN's that are in RN programs? Were you given any "advance credit" for being an LPN? Did you elect to take all nursing courses, although you were exempt from them?

I will be entering a RN program next year and I am not required to enroll in Nursing 1 (fall semester) since I am a LPN. I can not decide if I should elect to go on and take it anyway or not. The one reason why I am considering it is because I want to KNOW that I am as prepared as other graduates. My husband said that he would not take the course if he didn't have to.

I am confident in my nursing skills and I have an excellent academic record. The one reaon I would perhaps I would elect NOT to take the course is so that I may spend more time with my children. (Hubby is in the navy and is frequently away from home.) I have most prerequisites and I am not even required to attend full-time. (I had planned on going full-time since I have financial assistance.) What would you do? Have you been in the same situation? Have any advice? I don't have anyone else here to ask, so I'd really like your replies. Thanks !:cool:


I'm not an LPN, but I am in an ADN program and have talked to LPNs that have just joined our class. They do not have to complete the courses that my class took last year, but they do have to take a "transition" course to kind of catch up with our class (the course is during the summer). And, the LPNs that go through the program (ours, anyway) are fully qualified to graduate and take their NCLEX. And, since you say you are confident in your skills, I would not worry about it too much. I would just talk to your program director and make sure you get all the courses you need to graduate. Hope this helps...


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Thanks for the info. ADN 2002! I appreciate your reply.



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Hi there,

I am an LPN and the program I'm going into has an accelerated 1 year ADN program for LPN's. I will start in June and graduate in May.

Good luck!


Hi Angie:

I am also an LPN attending an upgrade program for my ADN. I was not required to take the first half of the program, actually LPN's are not allowed to make a choice, its how the program goes. I did take A&P I and II last year and some electives before the upgrade started. We jump in on the last half of the program. I don't feel that I am missing out on anything. I have attended three transition classes this summer and have two more next week. They are basically review classes of care plans, assessments, and role transition changes for LPN's. I was lead to believe from the instructors that the first half of the program was just the basics. If you feel that your skills are up to par, then you shouldn't worry. There are some great sites on the web for review of drug calculations, etc. Good luck!

I am finishing my pre reqs from the LPN/ADN program at my school.They have a transition course during the summer.This is after NLN exams for pharmacology,nurs102 &104.This fall I am taking phil and chem,starting 08/20/01.Due to havimg to work full time, I can only squeeze in 2 classes per semester.But I had challenged A&P(1&2),sociology,psychology,micro, & english,so I got credit for those. That really helped!It is hard going to school and working full time. Some days I get so frustrated, I just want to quit, especially after a bad night at work.doesn't leave much time for home life.Would love to hear from others about how to cope with the stress.Sometime I feel so alone,like when the family goes to bed and I have to study. Or the grandkids want to stay, but I have a project due.Oh well,it will be worth it one day.No matter what,I still love nursing.


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Hang in there Mary Hester! You can do it. It sounds like you're working very hard, so don't forget to take a much needed break sometimes! Thank y'all for the replies and GOOD LUCK everyone.

Ciao for now,


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