Low Kaplan scores, passed in 75

Nursing Students NCLEX


Posting just because I wish I had come across a post like this when I was preparing for the NCLEX. I used Kaplan, UWorld and Mark Klimek to study, had low percentages, and passed the NCLEX the first try with 75 questions. As I was studying, reading others posts I had made myself anxious about testing rethinking how prepared I was. Hopefully others with find solace in seeing my scores and knowing I passed. That being said, despite the low scores I did remediate and made sure I understood the material I was getting incorrect.

UWorld average: 52%

Kaplan Q1: 61%

Q2: 49%

Q3: 44%

Q4: 45%

Q5: 48%

Q6: 55%

Practice Test 1: 58%

Practice Test 2: 60%

Who do you see first: 73%

Alternate format: 27%

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