would love to talk with anyone who is in LPN school, I need a buddy

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I'm in LPN school, and really would love to get advice and talk with someone who is or has gone thru the same thing, I love it very much but it is extremely difficult. I need a buddy!




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First of all--congratulations! Good for you for going to school to further your personal education, and for getting into the LPN program! Yes, it is very demanding and stressful. But know that you CAN get through it, "this too shall pass". Take each course at a time, each test at a time. Take good notes. Once you get the hang of medical terminology, anatomy and S&S, things really fall into place. It may seem as if all the stuff they are cramming in so fast will never stick. Let me tell you, it is amazing but it does! I couldn't believe how much I did recall once out in the workplace. You may already have a special field of interest, but don't resist or deny yourself the joys of learning and perhaps liking a different field of nursing or medical specialty.

I wish you much success and luck. Remember to take time to relax and reflect. By giving yourself a little down time, a bubble bath or whatever, gives you the inner energy to absorb more as you go on. Feel free to e-mail me if you have a question or comment. biggrin.gif

Health and Blessings~ Jodie [email protected]


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P.S. I forgot to mention that I am a LPN, graduated and passed boards in 1998. I was an Orthopedic Clinical/Surgical Nurse for 2 years. I was the office nurse for an Orthopedic surgeon, and scrubbed/assisted in surgeries. By working in the clinic I was also able to work as their Urology nurse, Triage, Family Practice, OB/GYN, and Internal Medicine. I changed jobs 2 months ago and am now working in a VA Hospital as a Med/Surg nurse. My skills and knowledge are ever growing and expanding. I do plan to go back to school to attain my ADN but for now am pleased with the education and training I recieved to become a LPN first. For me, this is the best trail in my career path. Again, best of luck. ~Jodie smile.gif


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Hi Terri,

I'm also an LPN. I took the boards in Feb.97. It was the most difficult thing I ever had to do in all my life. But I made it. And have no regrets. I work in a hospital as an LPN in a private practice and specialty clinic. Do pretty much what Jodie use to do. I love it. So much to learn. I've never worked on the floors in the hospital and have no desires.

All the nurses I work along side of, all worked the floors, and I've been able to keep up with them. I've learned a great deal since I've been here.

Listen to Jodie, she has given you some great advice. Everything she said is true. Take one thing at a time and allow yourself some time for some fun and relaxation.

I found it very helpful to read along the Review for NCLEX-PN and Mosby's Comprehensive review of Practical Nusing and to answer the review question book as I went through each of the different nursing courses. It was more condensed and told you everything you need to know. EX: A&P, Pharm, Nutrition, Med-Surge, Mental Health, OB, Peds, Gerontologic Nsg. and so forth. And besides, you'll need to know this stuff for the boards. so it won't hurt. I hope this helps! Best of luck- You'll love nursing.


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I am an lpn student. I started in August and in about 2 weeks will be starting the clinical phase. If you'd like to chat you may send me an email. Good Luck.



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Hi Angel,

I am an LPN who graduated from school last July. Don't worry too much about clinicals, you will find that what you sat in class and learned is now what you get to do in real life. You will do new things, see new things, and experience what it is really like in the nursing world. I will admit, I hated some of my clinicals and I loved others, you will discover what you really like about nursing when doing the different clinicals... good luck!


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Originally posted by nursing student_2001:

I'm in LPN school, and really would love to get advice and talk with someone who is or has gone thru the same thing, I love it very much but it is extremely difficult. I need a buddy!

Hi Terri,

Get someone to help you study. I think I should have more help than I use to since my mother is an LPN.

Prayer changes things too. I didn't even think I could get back into the program because I did so bad. Alot of things happened in my life. I am hoping that this time it will be better for me.


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I too am a LPN student (or shall I say, soon to be! I start on Feb 12th). Today I received my books in the mail and all I could say was "WOW"!

Feel free to email me anytime...I'll be looking for a little support myself!


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