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"find something you love to do and you'll never work a day in your life" Confucius.

The reason I became a nurse! and wow I get paid to do it! Why others choose this profession is not my problem. Just as long as they are providing quality care to their patients. Thats just how I feel!


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I have seen businessmen out of work go to nursing for reasons such as,"i'll always be able to find work". They quickly quit when they see how bad it is. But who cares, we can all admit that no one is mother theresa here. If the going salary for RN was $8 an hour, as much as you love to care for people would you become an RN? No, you would definitely find another career path that you would enjoy while getting paid well enough. No one can work for free and if it wasn't so female dominated of a profession then I do not think anyone would question why you entered this career. Obviously there are some nurses who just should not be nurses but every job has those. If they aren't doing their job then then I would have a problem

I had a discussion with a nurse that works on my floor about what makes people get into nursing in the first place. She made a comment that she is tired of people getting into nursing for the money and she disagreed with my response to her comment. I said that even though I do not believe people should choose any profession solely on the basis of money, that money does (and should) play a HUGE factor in choosing any career. I'm all for loving what you do but at the end of the day there are bills that need to be paid. I believe as long as you treat your patients with the dignity and respect they deserve that your reasons for choosing nursing as a career shouldn't matter. I have absolutely no problem with a nurse who goes into the profession for money as long as they are good at what they do. I honestly do not believe nurses are paid that great anyway considering all of the responsibility that falls on their shoulders. Sometimes I read posts on here and people say nurses are paid more for less education than many other profession. I also look at it as most other professions do not have the responsibility that nurses do so it is really hard to compare. What are your thoughts on this?

This topic comes up about once a week,at least. And EVERYTIME i enjoy reading all the posts and arguing viewpoints. Mine is that I DO IT FOR THE MONEY. A MAJOR reason I went into nursing was for the money! If i didn't need the money I would NEVER work one more shift. It is a very stressful job with a lot of responsibility. why shouldn't i be in it for the money? You can have a great work ethic and do a great job. I put forth as much as I could in all of my jobs from nursing to waitressing and I did them all just for money. I don't understand how people would want to work most jobs if it wasn't for a paycheck. Does anyone? l

I agree, nurses don't get paid a lot!!

BUT, we DO get paid above the normal college degree. I, as an LPN, make more money than 2 of my friends that have a Bachelors degree in business, and 3 that have a bachelors in human resources. I AM AN LPN!! As an RN, it'll be a long time till they can dream of making the money I will.

I agree with both sides. Those who get into nursing SOLELY for the money get into it for the wrong reason. They are usually the ones who have NO CLUE what being a nurse entails... They are usually the ones weeded out in school... but some make it to the floor, and they are the ones that we have to constantly pick up the slack on.

You can usually tell the difference between someone in nursing JUST FOR THE MONEY, and someone in it for an actual profession that gets paid pretty good.

Not everyone in it jsut for money is a lazy nurse leaving you and others to pick up the slack............. there is no right or wrong reason.

I've typed this response several times over the years.

Nursing is the only profession that scrutinizes the motivations of its members. Are you doing it for the money? Are you a nurse because you like people? Are you a nurse because you're a selfless angel of mercy?

Take a close, hard look at the other educated professions in society. Nobody is really questioning the motives of the physician, attorney, college professor, engineer, speech pathologist, librarian, social worker, physical therapist, businessman, linguist, or pharmacist. Other members of their professions aren't bothering them about selecting their respective career fields for the love of the job itself or other altruistic reasons. Other members of their respective professions aren't asking, "Is this a higher calling for you?"


In my program the instructors seemed to love questioning the motivations of physicians.the whole nurses, "care for the whole person, drs don't" propaganda nonsence. was i the only one who ever picked up on this amoung some nurses esp in the ivory tower? which i found comical to say the least.