Tulane hospital new grad pay?

  1. I just attended the open house for the Our Lady of the Lake accelerated program at Tulane Hospital. The hospital liason said that new graduate pay was around $23.00/hour. Can anyone confirm this?
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  3. by   Sunshine0425
    Their new grad pay last year was 22.00 an hour, so that sounds right.
  4. by   booziemgm2
    I did not attend the open house for OLOL in New Orleans. I did however apply to the program at West Jeff Hospital in conjunction with OLOL for the Spring 2007. Interview went great last week. I was wondering how the schedule will be. As explained in the interview at West Jeff the classes are projected to be Monday -Thursday 8am-5pm and Clinicals Friday-Sunday 7AM-7PM SCHOOL IS GOING TO BE 7 DAYS A WEEK:angryfire As an LPN with a Bachelors I find this very unrealistic. I have worked 3 12hour shifts before and do not see when there will be time to study. Did they tell you about the plan for the daily schedule? Just wondering if it was a West Jeff thing or a OLOL thing. I Might turn down offer of acceptance (if I get it) and continue with Excelsior.
  5. by   Sunshine0425
    You might really reconsider going through the accelerated program...I went through the one at Tulane last year, and yes, there are SEVERAL weeks where we went 7 days a week. We also started from square one...bed making, hand washing etc. Most people in the program had no prior med. experience. There is barely ANY time for anything else but school eat, study as much as you can and then sleep. I am glad I went through the program, but probably would have looked for something more lenient if I already had my PN license. I know the LPN's I work with now, I love them and would never suggest this type of program for their own sanity. Have you looked at any LPN-RN programs that might be less rigorous??
  6. by   dsoginer
    I am in the OLOl College Tulane program right now, and have not yet had school/clinicals 7 days a week. I think you may have misunderstood the schedule. Our weeks are usually 3 days classes, 2 days clinicals. There is one clinical group on weekends in Nursing 120, but they had two days during the week off. I understand that last year there were a couple of weeks that went 7 days, but they have tried to rearrange the schedule so this does not happen this year.
    I am happy with the program and believe it would be an ideal program for an LPN. It is only 9 months long and if you have the physical skills of Nursing then you can concentrate on the theory of Nursing. The one LPN we have is doing wonderfully. It is very fast for someone that does not have a medical background and very stressful. You have to be willing to set your life on hold for those 9 months, but it is going by fast.
    If you need any other information please feel free to ask and those of us in the program who participate in this website would be more than happy to answer.
  7. by   booziemgm2
    I did ask for clarification in the interview. They replied "YES seven days a week!" I think because West Jeff and Tulane are seperate they have the right to run their program the way they want to with OLOL help and guidance. This will be the first class at West Jeff. What do you think about waiting and reapplying to Tulane?? My husband has 3 classes left for his MBA and will finish next Summer or Fall. Just confused in each program and not sure about being the guine pig at West Jeff:smackingf
  8. by   Sunshine0425
    Maybe this is something you and your spouse should talk about as far as time mgt with busy schedules. And if you have kids... Bottom line is you are going to have to make a huge commitment for 9/10 months. If you want to get it out of the way quickly I wouldn't suggest waiting around for Tulane in hopes of it being more organized b/c at least for our class it was nothing of the sort, sounds like though things may have become better for the class this year. And I believe you about the 7 day a week schedule...it may not be every week all year long, but I think they are trying to prepare the applicants ahead of time for a very busy schedule. There were times throughout the year that our schedule got very crazy and you just deal with it. In the end it was worth it. I love being a RN and I love where I work. Just an FYI...I really don't feel like there was much *theory* taught, just what we needed to be successful on NCLEX. Good Luck
  9. by   hs2005
    Have you considered the LPN to RN transition program at Charity? We have several LPN students in our class and I think the schedule would be a lot more flexible for you. There are also clinicals offered at West Jeff.
  10. by   mzjones6
    I'm in the Acclerated OLOL program in Baton Rouge and we are going 5 days a week. We have class from 9am-4pm. All of our exams have been on Mondays, so you spend your weekend studying for the exam, so essentially its 7 days a week. We're just in the fundamentals class and we're going everyday. We didn't go every day for pharmacology, but since fundamentals started 3 weeks ago we are going every day. We don't start clinicals until December, and our schedule has some of us going to clinicals on the weekends, so it may come to 7 days a week.

    I do agree,that you don't have time for anything else other than school. This is all we're thinking about for the next 10 months. The ones with medical experience are doing very well, but those of us with no med experience are holding our own weight just fine. You really have to think about the time and commitment to the program, we've lost 5 students so far in a class of 40 for various reasons, including commitment issues. But I agree its going by very fast and I'm enjoying it so far.
  11. by   dsoginer
    I spoke to one of the teachers at OLOL/Tulane today who is going to be teaching at West Jeff and she said that the comment on 7 days a week had to do with the students having the ability and committment to go to schoo/clinicals 7 days a week if needed.
    So hopefully this helps with your decision
  12. by   booziemgm2
    Thanks for the imput. That is what I was thinking too. Hopefully we will here about acceptance soon. They stated they would try to have letters in the mail Thanksgiving week!
  13. by   ebella615
    Im glad it all worked out