RN at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center- your experience/opinion?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a new grad nurse and got a job offer from OLOL. I am from out of state and I really need some good opinion on whether I should accept this offer and begin my RN career there. I understand that the new grad job market is very tough now so I feel blessed to have this opportunity. But I really don't know a lot about this hospital (ie. are nurses happy/satisfied, work atmosphere, teamwork, supporting management? these are what I cared the most & I heard the turnover rate is high!).

    I am surprised that this offer came so quickly. I applied for the RN resident position about 2 weeks ago, only had a phone interview with the manager + couple nursing staff on the unit (it's kinda unusual that they don't do face to face interview, and I didn't get a chance to see the unit, which I really want to.....). I was told few days later that I got the job. Now, it's time to decide. I really need some advises & if anyone has any input or heard anything about this hospital? I also need some suggestions on Baton Rouge's safe neighborhood, if I do accept the offer, I will need to hunt for housing. Please, any comments would be so appreciated!!! Thank you
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  3. by   Isabelle49
    I worked there for a while, I wasn't impressed. You must be willing to be a "team player" no matter what! Didn't work for me!
  4. by   plinytheRN
    Hi! I am a new grad from out of state also, I am in my third week orientation. It depends on the unit you are on, and what your expectations are. It's hard work, high pt ratios in my opinion but I am getting great experience and everyone I work with is really nice and helpful. I am a little disappointed in the management and lack of improving the pt ratio situation (6 on tele...it's a lot) I am hopeful that things will improve. Everyone works well together, and will lend a hand if they aren't drowning in their own pt assignment, which most likely they are. I have a strong background and clinical experience, so I think I will be fine- I don't know how long I stick around for how hard they work you and little they pay, once I get a year I might start looking elsewhere. I took my chances as a new grad, I am glad I did. I think if you are prepared to work really hard and take this experience for what it is, and if you are desperate enough for a job (I was), go for it. There is a lot of good and bad about this hospital, and you will find things you don't like where ever you go. As far as safe neighborhoods, I like 10 minutes from the hospital off of Perkins Rd. that area is nice with lots of apts, employees get a discount at Indigo Park Apartments which is also really nice.
  5. by   reenstar
    Hi Isabelle49 and plinytheRN

    Thank you so much for all the input!!! It's very lucky that I could receive comments directly from nurses who work at OLOL. As a new grad with 0 years of experience, I completely understand the frustration and how difficult it is to land a nursing job. I still can't make a final decision yet because I am waiting to hear back from other hospitals, hopefully I will find out what to do very soon....I really need to get back to the HR.

    , I do have a few more questions about OLOL (related to the floor I the got offer) I am new to this site so I can't use the PM system, do you mind giving me your email so we could chat a bit when you have a free moment? my email: usreenstar@gmail.com . It would be very helpful if I could have a bit more insight!! But no pressure if you can't, I know you must be very busy and tired from work. Again, thanks a lot for the info and I wish the best to you .
  6. by   plinytheRN
    hi I emailed you, ask me anything I am here to help!
  7. by   araval_13
    Hi! plinytheRN I am also a new grad and I applied for an RN position there. I am from SoCal and I was wondering what the interview process is and what kind of interview questions they will ask. Did you get into the new grad program? and if so how many weeks is the training? Thank you!
  8. by   meeeeeoowww
    Hey plinytheRN,

    I thought about starting a new thread but saw this. I'm a new grad nurse from California and recently got an offer at Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge for a RN Resident position! I'm excited but also really unsure at the same time... I had a similar experience to reenstar regarding the interview process.

    Is it possible to email you about their program and your experiences? I think I will be taking it because it would start soon and I don't think I can risk losing an offer; who knows when I'll get another one...

    I would really appreciate your insight! Thank you so much!
  9. by   gmfavero
    I know this post is a bit old. But I'd love to speak with either of you plinytheRN or reenstar. I'm from California and I just got on offer at Our Lady of the Lake yesterday. I am a new grad as well and have applied to tons of places with no interviews or offers. I'd love to talk about your experience at this hospital!!! My email is favero.gina@gmail.com. Please email if you can!
  10. by   plinytheRN
    Hi sorry for the late post, I haven't been on here in awhile
    always happy to help some cali new grads!! We need nurses here so bad.
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  11. by   RN2b0514
    Hi everyone. I am a new grad and I just got an offer at OLOL med tele floor or to do their residency program. I am very confused about which track I should go. I would love to hear from anyone who works or have worked their to learn a little more about working conditions there.
  12. by   ConzRN
    Is anyone in OLOL's critical care residency? Although I just applied and haven't interviewed or anything, I'm just curious about this program and anyone's experience with it. Is the pt ratio the standard 1:2 or 1:1 for ICUs?
  13. by   kddannemiller
    @plinythern Do you still work at OLOLRMC? I have been accepted to nursing school at OLOL college for Fall 2015 and have previous experience working as a ICU nurse aid and US.... I have been looking for part time nurse tech or US positions in the ICU while I am in school and I understand they are hard to come by. I was wondering if you have any pointers?
  14. by   trowe24
    Did you find a nurse tech position?