Relocating to NOLA, advice please?

  1. My husband and I are relocating to New Orleans in the next few months. My husband is military, Navy specifically and we are being transferred to NAS JRB New Orleans. I have a few questions since I have never been to NO nor Lousiana for that matter so hopefully someone can provide some advice and guidance. Thanks to all for your help!!

    1.) Since the base is located approx. 20 minutes from downtown NO, what are some decent, safe, reasonably priced neighborhoods to live in? We will be living in an apartment prior to purchasing a home.

    2.) How has the atmosphere, environment, economy been since the devastation of hurricane Katrina? Is it even safe and acceptable to relocate to NO?

    3.) I will be a transferring LVN from Texas, How are the job prospects for LVN/LPNs?

    4.) What are the pay rates for LVN/LPNs in New Orleans?

    5.) What is the cost of living like there?
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  3. by   Kiya
    Wow... no responses? I expected more assistance from a professional community. My mistake. Thank you anyway.
  4. by   jemommyRN

    I think the reason that you didn't get any responses is because it is very hard to say at this point. The cost of living has skyrocketed since Katrina and we are still rebuilding so it's kind of hard to give advice on what's safe and what's not. I can't comment on LPNs, because I'm a nursing student. I apologize for not being of more help, but we don't want to give you misleading or incorrect information.
  5. by   dsoginer
    Kiya, Like the rest of the country I do not think that you quite understand what New Orleans is like right now. While the French Quarter and a few neighborhoods missed the flooding, most of the neighborhoods in New Orleans are basically deserted. There is little housing, and that is at a premium. The best example I can give would be to imagine if the NY City area, (Queens, Long Island, etc. ) all flooded, and only Manhattan was left. In some cases the rent has doubled and tripled post Katrina. As for which neighborhoods are safe, we really don't know yet. The dynamics of all neighborhoods have changed. We can tell you that we need nurses, and because Oschner (a first class, teaching hospital) will be taking over many of the hospitals there will be a huge need for nurses, and the pay will reflect that.

    Good Luck, if you need help that you feel a local can give, feel free to write to me.
  6. by   Jarnaes
    I was stationed in LA a few years ago, and New Orleans was one of my favorite cities. I had to opportunity to visit the area in May-06, and it just broke my heart.
    Many months after the hurricane the place still looked like a war zone. Abandoned neighborhoods block after block. The businesses that's always open no-matter what (i.e. McDonalds, gas stations, supermarkets)... blacked out, boarded up. Just sad, and almost scary looking, like in a movie.
    Hopefully one day NO will get back on it's feet, but it looks like it will be a long road. Wish you all the best.
    Best bet will be the local military housing office- I'm sure they have some info on what's available in the area.
  7. by   ciao_bella
    Kiya, I sent you a pm regarding relocating to NOLA.
  8. by   Huscarl73
    I live about 90 miles north of NO so while I do get lots of information about what it is like there it is really second hand. My second hand information tells me that you will have to search far and wide to find housing of any kind, let alone in some neighborhood that is better than others.
    If the military is xfering you there then the military really needs to have a plan for where your going to live.
  9. by   lalpn
    I'm sorry, I apparently wrote something inappropriate in my reply to this, let's see if I can get it right this time.

    I agree, the Navy should be helping you find suitable housing on base. But, there are MANY apartments and houses available off base-both for lease and sale. Find a realtor to help you. She won't give you info on the crime stats or ethnic population in neighborhoods--
    If you want to find stats on crime, go to the Jefferson Parish website and research the neighborhoods you might be interested in.

    Search Everything New Orleans for available employment. I see that West Jefferson Hospital has lots of jobs available at a very competitive pay scale, and there are MANY hospitals that are minutes away from the base.

    Hope this helps