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  1. How important is it to buy all of the books NOW? We start on 8/14 and I would like to buy the books used online, but am afraid that if I buy older editions, that may not work. How acceptable is it to have an older version of a book? Also, if I WAIT to see if we really need the book and we DO, will I have time to order it in that hectic week of a test? This is a serious concern of mine.
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  3. by   Sunshine0425
    I would get the latest edition, or something in the last year or two. Some teachers like to take right from the textbook.
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  4. by   monilu
    I would like to get books too, but I wouldn't know what chapters to study/read.

    I noticed that we have two price lists for the books. One price list is from OLOL and it has older editions of the books. The other price list is from Chimes Bookstore and it lists newer editions of the book. Take a look at it. I asked X and she said that she didn't know, but it would be best to order the latest edition, since instructors normally use new books.
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  5. by   Dallas_RN
    The material is the same no matter the edition, only difference is the page numbers in the text. Several students had the old editions and there was no issue.
  6. by   KinsleyNOLA
    What books should I start reading now???