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  1. i will be attending Louisiana technical college in Jan 2005. i would like to talk to someone who has graduated or is currently enrolled in this LPN program.I will be attending at the Natchitoches campus. Thanks for any and all replys.
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  3. by   J Lynn
    Hi Cindi, I just graduated from a technical college in south louisiana. What kind of questions do you have?
  4. by   Godswill
    I for one was suppose to attend one, but they started the class in May (and gave me a week notice )this year instead of the usually August. so now the program is 21 months, i find this extremely too long for a LPN program. It maybe be different in Natch. This is just something they just started. If u are wondering about entrance exam; most just require a a good result on TABE score, it not to hard. i scored a 12.9 on all 3 parts u needed a 11.0. I wish u the best of luck
  5. by   cindimc
    I took the TABE test last Oct. and scored 12.9 on all parts but was contemplating attending at the Mansfield campus,their new class started May 24.Well when I contacted them they informed me that I had to take the Compass, I did and scored great on Reading(99) and Writing(93), but didn't score high enough on the Math.I got a 39 and needed a 47 to get in so I have to take that part over:angryfire . Now i am so........nervous about taking it over. If I fail again i would really have anxiety over taking it a third time. I'm so worried about it already that I keep putting it off. I'm just gonna wait for the Holiday to be over, study for a week, and go take it over........and in the meantime pray,pray,pray.........Anyway, thanks for your replies , I just wanted to know how you liked the program. I know that the Shreveport campus has a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX, but I'm not sure about Natchitoches campus. Oh, and it's an 18 month program and the next class starts Jan. 2005.
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  6. by   Godswill
    The campus, Iam talking about is the evangeline one, it only has one class a year, there is no january class at this small tech It was 18 month when I first did all the information to get in when it started in August, but for some reason it started in May this year and when i asked if it mean't we
    would be getting out earlier, she said no, it made it longer which mean it was 21 months instead of 18 , I think this is to long and for this i could be doing my pre req for a ADN program and have one year done, or have 2 years done in a BSN program :uhoh21:

    Good luck I am sure u will do fine on your retake, the Compass is the new test people now have to take to get into the LPN program now too at that campus.
    I didn't have to take the Compass because, i had already taken the TABE and was on the waiting list for the for this year which would of been May 24, but had to give up my spot BUt i am learning when one door closes one always open up and sometimes it sooooooooooooo much better

    Good luck on your test
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  7. by   cindimc
    thanx Godswill, i appreciate any encouragement I can get. So, when do you start school? And where are you going? I should have gotten on the list when I took the TABE but Jan.2005 seemed so long to wait that wanted to check all my options and waited too long so had to take the compass:angryfire . O'well, god works in mysterious ways, hopefully everything will work out for the best.........Good Luck to you........
  8. by   Godswill
    Hopefully if all things go as plan. I will be going the Lafayette General Medical Center LPN program This program is 13 months its ran by a hospital. I think there are only 3 teachers etc, and they are also the same ones that u do clinicals with too The only other difference is that the cost is approximately 7200 for tuition and book, uniform etc. while the tech i about at most i think 2700.
  9. by   cindimc
    Wow, i'm really lucky in the tuition dept. It's $333.00 a sememster at LTC. Of course that doesn't include books and other supplys, uniforms etc. So all total my tuition will be $999 for the entire program and thats good because I don't qualify for grants and I dont want to borrow any money. I will be so.......happy when Jan. gets here and I get started. It seems like a long time but it'll be here before i know it.............
  10. by   Godswill
    oh yeah it 330 a semster, out here too, but i think it comes out to being almost 5 semesters by the time it is over. I think and the other cost includes the tuition and book etc, so it run aproximately i think 2500-2700 for the tech out here. I have a LTC state wide calendar and on a average of i think each semester is about 4 months, because u get off all the holidays like a normal university, but u go all summer, so really 18 months of a school year is 5 semsters, Let me just say i started this august, which is not possible any more, because they changed it. BUt any way my first semster would be 4 months, second 4, third 4, fourth 4, this equal 16 months, but u still have 2 more, which gives u another semster or a half semster, so really your tuition wil be 5X330=1650.The summer semester are included in this too
    Did u ask them for a calendar?, it will better help u understand how they do thier semsters, i too was thinking like u did untill they advise me that the semsters would be 5 not 3, because it set up like the university semesters sort of please ask them for a calendar
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  11. by   cindimc
    hmm.........I'll have to get a calendar. Very interesting, i could swear the admissions office told me that it would be 18 mos. The last class at Natch started last Aug. and they will graduate, I'm guesing this Dec. since the new class starts in Jan., thats 16 mos..........??????? Heck, I don't know, guess I'll find out for sure next week.........I'll let you know, Lord I hope it doesn,t take longer than 18 mos..........If it does I'll deal with it tho thx again.........
  12. by   Godswill
    I don't think it really take slonge rthan 18 months, but it set up to be like 5 semsters, becaus eu get u know the 2 weeks off for christmas, etc, the normal breaks like a university takes. well 16 month is better than 18, andif it 16 month that 4 semesters because it a fall, spring , summer than another fall semster. I hope it all works out for u good luck
  13. by   ddc101
    I went to LPN school at a Louisiana Technical College.They tell you fourteen months but neglect to tell you that what they are estimating is classroom time.It takes longer due to all the breaks and holidays.Almost closer to two years.lol..Oh well its worth it.You get the great financial help.I was trained by Charity Hospital Nurses.BTW Godswill I know a lady who used to teach at LGMC
    named Jean Broussard.She is wonderful.God bless you I hope you do great.
  14. by   wandaeh
    how long would it be for RN (BS) degree? In some states it only takes 1 yr. to be a LPN. Why is there such a difference in time from one state to another?

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