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i will be attending Louisiana technical college in Jan 2005. i would like to talk to someone who has graduated or is currently enrolled in this LPN program.I will be attending at the Natchitoches... Read More

  1. by   Godswill
    Quote from wandaeh
    how long would it be for RN (BS) degree? In some states it only takes 1 yr. to be a LPN. Why is there such a difference in time from one state to another?
    It depends on the state and the school in that state. I think it takes most people 4 1/2-5 years to get a BS and about 3 to get a ADN. I am taking this route hoping I get some experience while doing my pre req and cut some time off my schooling to get my ADN or BSN, i have not really decided yet. I will see where i can get in first :uhoh21: As far as the program i am in it seems to be 12 1/2- 13 months, it is ran by a hospital so all the clincals and stuff can be done there, thats why i figure it does not take as long.
  2. by   Godswill
    Quote from ddc101
    I went to LPN school at a Louisiana Technical College.They tell you fourteen months but neglect to tell you that what they are estimating is classroom time.It takes longer due to all the breaks and holidays.Almost closer to two years.lol..Oh well its worth it.You get the great financial help.I was trained by Charity Hospital Nurses.BTW Godswill I know a lady who used to teach at LGMC
    named Jean Broussard.She is wonderful.God bless you I hope you do great.
    I remember meeting her doing my interview, she seemed nice. By the way i got in!!!! :hatparty: , I can wait to start!!!
  3. by   wandaeh
    I hope I can find a place where I can go for LPN in 13-14 months.I was born and raised about 90 miles from Baton Rouge.I have a southern accent; reckon ya'll could stand that? People here in Misery (I meant Missouri) do not accept "outsiders".
  4. by   ddc101
    Love that accent.Come on down.We love company.I will put on the coffee pot.
  5. by   J Lynn
    ddc101, how far south do you live? I grew up in Galliano. Is it further than that?
  6. by   ddc101
    Hey I know where Galliano is.We are directly south of Lafayette about thirty miles.We drive down and go fishing in Rollover.Nice to meet you.I have friends who live in the Larose,Galliano area.
  7. by   J Lynn
    That's so cool. Right now I'm living in Morgan City (Bayou L'Ourse) with my husband and 2 kids. I'll be working at Franklin Foundation in a couple of weeks. Hope to see you around here on the boards.
  8. by   ddc101
    Believe it or not Lynn I have been to where you live.I visited a small pentecostal church with some friends.That was a neat place.So much water.I also grew up in Franklin.So I know where you are going to work.I love Franklin.I sometimes long for the bayou and the stately oaks.Now I live in fields and fields of rice...sigh....oh well you can't have it all.
  9. by   Godswill
    U guys have me laughing, about bayous and accents. I live in Breux Bridge, we are surrounded by bayous,:0. Every time i go some where they ar elike wow u have a heavy accent
  10. by   ddc101
    I guess you do if you are a native of Breaux Bridge.Hey most people cannot even pronounce Breaux.Good to meet you.
  11. by   CindyJRN
    Hey, but don't forget your sisters here in Northwest Louisiana. My accent may be more redneck than cajun, but I am proud to be from the Bayou state! I graduated from an LTC program back when it was "vocational-technical institute". I attended the Minden campus, which used to be known for its NCLEX pass rates, but I don't know about the last few years. Anyway, I am always excited to share info and offer encouragement to those of you pursuing or extending your nursing education. I live in Keatchie and work in Shreveport. I love to travel our great state and have visited all of your hometowns at somepoint. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!! :chuckle
  12. by   ddc101
    Hey I know where Shreveport is.Not all that far away.
  13. by   CindyJRN
    So, what kind of nursing specialty are all of you interested in practicing? I worked in nursing homes for my 12 years as an LPN. I learned alot about assessment and documentation during those years. Nursing homes get such a bad rap for LPNs, because of the patient loads and amount of meds to be given. It definitely is not for everyone! I have loved every minute of working in a hospital. I was intimidated in the beginning, but I was welcomed into the fold, so to speak.

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