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WOOHOO! I passed Basics! :dncgbby: :anpom: :dancgrp: :clpty: :rckn: Thank You Lord I could not have done it without you! :bowingpur... Read More

  1. by   brismama
    i am currently in nac 1 now. nac 1 makes basic look like a piece of cake! lols..u really do hit the ground running, and dont stop! but i think that with basics, you are transitioning from regular college courses that doesnt entail you to study everyday. so its a big adjustment. make sure you study, dont slack off, and stay on top of everything. in basics, most instructors will let you print out med cards or just read it out to them. but in nac 1, you will expected to know all about the med. also they you will be starting clinicals like the 8th week every other week but in nac 1 you will start by the 2nd week throughout the whole semester..sucks bc just preparing for clinicals and doing care maps take up a good portion of time from studying..soo time management
  2. by   Hopefull nurse
    Just to update: I failed my TEAS on first try this pay Wednesday. I am quitting my crazy idea of becoming a nurse. Silly sandy, nursing school is for smart kids!
    This will be my last semester at delgado;I'm not coming back.
    Good luck to all of you for making it! I wish you all the success possible.
    Good luck, and good bye.