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  1. by   PaxMaster
    did you get a letter yet about being advised
  2. by   southlandrn
    I got my letter with my advisor's name and number. I finally got her on the phone and she seemed exasperated. Said she keeps getting calls from "all of y'all" but hasn't gotten any info yet, will call me back when she knows what is going on. Sheesh, hope this is not an omen of things to come!!
  3. by   math132
    haha I finally got a hold of my advisor also. I called her at the times she specified on the paper and she either didnt answer or was in the car and didnt have her calendar! so i called her back and left a message and luckily she called me back and she set up an appointment with me for tomorrow (13th). hope everything goes smoothly for everyone else!
    Does anyone happen to know when we will start? like a specific date??
  4. by   savanna0511
    I got my advisor letter on Fri the 6th. Called her and got her on the phone right away and she set me up for Mon the 9th. So I've already been to advising. It lasts about an hour and they give you a bunch of paperwork. They also give you a list of thing s to get completed - background check and fingerprinting (due Nov 10) Physical - due Dec 1, Cpr card, and a bunch of other things/ Class starts on Wed, Jan 10 and we go from like 9 to 3 . then we have to be there thurs from 10 to 2. We have a mandatory orientation to CSN on Jan 3 that is all day. Registration is Oct 31 - NOv 2. If you went to dcc during the fall then you can register online. Otherwise you have to go in. Hope that helps