Finals Charity!!!!

  1. Im so beat, one down one to go,Ill never forget this experience good luck everybody!!!!
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  4. by   savanna0511
    Did you pass, Paxmaster? I can't believe how many of my friends didn't make enough on the final to pass. Its kind of depressing. I passed, thank the Lord, but feel bad for all those who didn't. And i have 3 more semesters to go. What level are you at? Good luck
  5. by   PaxMaster
    Yes I did pass, congratulations ,I'm in evening division my first semester,yes 1 down and three to go we are off to a great start. Im curious how many didn't pass in your division ,i assume your day ,I wonder if the spots they sihned up for in nac I will open up now
  6. by   savanna0511
    Congrats on passing. I am actually in the evening division, but I know alot of people in the day division too. Out of 7 people in my clinical group, 4 of us passed. But I know that 5 of my friends in the day division didn't pass either, so thats 8 people that I know of who went into the final and ended up failing b/c they didn't get a high enough score on the final. Hopefully, Nac 1 won't be a lot harder:uhoh21: Did you register for Nac 1 already? I heard some people didn't get spots, but some spots will open up now since some people didn't pass. Good luck
  7. by   PaxMaster
    Any idea when there gonna let us know about the new teachers for Nac I
    please respond here
  8. by   savanna0511
    What new teachers? I didn't hear anything about that.
  9. by   jemommyRN
    Hi Paxmaster and Savanna!

    Congratulations on passing your first semester. Be very proud of yourselves. The two people that I knew in Basics did not pass. I just finished NAC I and yes I passed but one girl in my group did not and there were ALOT of repeats (those that didn't pass NAC I last semester). But, good luck to you guys and let me know if you have any questions.
  10. by   savanna0511
    jemommy, Is Nac 1 harder than basics or is it about the same? Also, are there Tnotes for Nac 1 b/c someone gave the Tnotes to me for basics and I was able to start studying ahead of time. Thanks and good luck on passing Nac 1
  11. by   PaxMaster
    Yeah do you have any nac i notes ,and whats your secret to passing this class
  12. by   jemommyRN
    In my personal opinion, NAC I was harder than basics. They build upon the foundation that they have given you in basics. NAC I is more patho and disease processes where as Basics is more subjective. I think the secret to passing the class is always remember ABCs. Even if the patho has nothing to do with airway, if airway is apart of the answer PICK IT. Think about it....if there is no patent airway, NOTHING else matters. I can only think of one time when airway is one of the answer choices but it is not the priority. A CPR question, when you find the patient unconscious, the first thing you do is call for help, then airway management etc. THAT IS THE ONLY TIME. As far as Tnotes, what I use to do is see someone in class that has them, and ask to copy them after class. I only have like three or four lectures worth of tnotes because people were hiding the fact that they had tnotes (why? who knows). A while ago, I think I got some tnotes from nolanurse but, I have a new computer and lost them with the old computer. but I pm'd her (or him) and they emailed me the notes. Try to do a search for tnotes. With this semester, I suggest focusing on what the disease does to the body. If you know what the disease is doing to the body, then you know what signs and symptoms your patient should be exhibiting and you know how you should treat this patient. You can also figure out the complications. For the summer you can review A&P cause it will help ALOT in knowing where each organ is and what it does AND how they all relate. You guys will be fine because you are very interested in class and you're staying focused.
  13. by   jemommyRN
    you guys are welcomed to copy my lecture notes at kinkos or something (it's a ton). just pm me.
  14. by   suezee106
    I agree with jemommmy, NAC I is harder!!!!! You really need to read your Med-Surg book and study, study, study. Go to every lecture, take good notes and listen to tegrity if you have to. This is what I did 24/7 and passed. I thought it was a lot harder than Basics, plus you go to clinicals 2x a week, every week starting the second week, not to mentioned the paper work and care maps!!!!!!!
  15. by   NOLANURSERN
    Hello everyone.

    Yes, I too agree with suezee106 and jemommy... nac 1 is much harder...
    I guess we are all in the same level......halfway done

    I am happy to share my notes with others just PM me...I don't check my emails everyday... but will eventually get a response back....

    And on the flip side, I would be happy to accept any notes that others may be willing to share.

    Hope that everyone has a great break......