Excelsior Students in NO?

  1. Are there any other excelsior students in the New Orleans area?
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  3. by   JanWrotenRN
    Hi, kamon8404! I live in Slidell!

    I'm currently working on my gen reqs. for Excelsior. I posted another thread asking which subjects are the easiest AKA quickest ones to CLEP. I need 10 hours of Arts & Sciences.

    I want to get those out of the way, so I can concentrate on my Nrsg. Concepts. It's also cheaper to CLEP-$80 versus $220 for Excelsior! And I can take two CLEPS in one day if I want to.

    How far along are you??
  4. by   kamon8404
    I just got my books for the NC1 exams. I am active duty military so the exams are free for me. So in other words, not far at all.
  5. by   kittyRN1210
    Hi, I am in Metairie. I am a Paramedic working on my RN through Excelsior. I just took NC 3 , passed and now working on NC4. I hope to be finished with the NC tests by Dec. and then will start working on the final clinical component. I do need to take one more humanity course, might just take it at Delgado to get it over with in Jan.
  6. by   amywammy
    excelsior student in lacombe i am a lpn working on my rn. i recently stumbled onto allnurses.com and learned taking the clep test was actually more financially beneficial than taking the excelsior exams.so i am going to clep my few preq i have left to complete. i have set a goal for myself by this time next year i am going to be a rn .is this realistic for excelsoir program?
  7. by   kittyRN1210
    Hey there,

    Yeah whatever way you can find to get your pre-req's out the way to start the nursing exams , go for it ! I had luckily had most of my pre-req's out of the way from the Paramedic program I had completed. I have been averaging about 1 nursing test a month. I am currently about to take NC4 on 10/2/07. I am excited that things have been going well... passed everything the 1st time so far. I am just trying to get the exams out of the way asap, b/c I have heard there is a 6 month waiting list to take the final clinical. So the sooner the exams get done, the sooner I can register to take the clinical. Good luck ! Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

  8. by   caliotter3
    Am not from NO, but had to make this comment. Impressed by the way you people have approached each other and hope that you can become a cohesive support group for each other through Excelsior. Believe it or not, you are members of the same nursing "class" and have already shown the first sign of the ability to "network" to achieve a common goal. You have the opportunity to forge professional and personal friendships that can go on for years and be very helpful. I am going through the Excelsior program, but am not from NO. When I was hospitalized, I met an RN from NO who had emigrated after the disaster and she was so inspiring! Hope you guys are able to help each other through the program. In all honesty, if I could cope with the physical demands, I would consider going to NO to build a new life with the people who are returning. Good luck to you all, and I hope each and every one of you soon earn the right to place the letters RN after your name!
  9. by   RNC2MSN
    I hope you guys are doing great in your progression! My husband was an LPN for 7 years until he graduated from EC with an ADN in Jan 03. I had attended a nursing school, and qualified for EC by having completed over 1/2 of program. I received my ADN in Jan 04. We are both at a local 4yr working on our BSN will either finish this summer (if we decided to push ourselves), or in the fall if we decide to take a small break!

    The advice I would give you is to CLEP whatever you can - I clepped Sociology and Humanities using the Chancellor's study guide and the REA study guides. The only drawback to the clep is not all schools (brick and mortar that is) accept all of them. For example, SELU in Hammond will accept intro to sociology but not the 6 hour humanites. Nor will they take Excelsior courses - they will accept your degree, and give you credit that way, but not the excelsior individual courses such as a&p, micro etc. I don't know about any other area schools.

    I do hear that SELU is offering a totally online RN-BSN program this fall.

    Also back to EC - take the seminars from excelsior to help you with your skills and with the cpne!!! My husband and I both passed the CPNE the first time in Plano, TX. I had 5 people in my group, and I know 3 people didn't pass. He had 5 in his group and only 2 of them passed. I know one of the biggest thing is that LPN's frequently feel that they don't need the practice with the skills etc. HOWEVER..... If you don't do it the "Excelsior Way" you don't pass. Just something to keep in mind.

    Good luck!
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    i am going to tell my dd to check in on that online from selu, she wants to do travel nursing when her dd gets a little older and some of those agencies will not accept an two year license
    thanks for the tip
  11. by   czap23
    Are you still in the program? I take state exam for LPN in Sep and want to apply to EC as soon as I get licence.