Delgado Community College

  1. Can anyone tell me how the RN program is there and if you can do any clinicals at Covington?
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  3. by   jemommyRN
    The RN program there is said to be one of the best in Louisiana and I don't think you can do clinicals in Covington. I am in my first semester there and I absolutely love it. It challenging but that's what I was looking for. I didn't see Covington as an option for clinicals.
  4. by   RahRah
    So that I may have a heads up, what options are there for clinicals?
  5. by   Nurse Alissa
    Are you in the day or night program? I was told the day program has the option to do clinicals at Lakeview, which is in Cov.

    Im not 100% sure, though.

  6. by   Alitia M

    The day program can do clinicals in Covington, but it really isn't as good as it seems if you don't live in Covington. On Monday we have class in New Orleans then we must go to our clinical hospital to meet our patients. Then on Tues and Wed we have clinicals. The problem is on Monday morning class is in New Orleans and then people with clinicals at Lakeview have to drive all the way to Covington to pick of their clinical assignments. Hope this helps.

  7. by   Nurse Alissa
    That seems to work wonderfully for me as I live within 5 min from the Covington hospital. I didnt know there were 2 days of clinicals.. I thought on Tue you went to Charity to do a clinical practice lab at your conveinience, and then Wed you did clinicals... am I totally off? Thats just what I had heard.
  8. by   jemommyRN

    I see that you moved to the day program. Do you like it better than the evening?