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Ok, I am a student at Delgado Community College and I've applied for the Fall 2012 class at Charity School of Nursing. I know that they go by the profile score, which I have worked on and I know that... Read More

  1. by   Rmed4320
    Hello laurelave!Congrats on graduating! I'm attending in the fall and so nervous. Do you have any advice ? It would be much appreciated!!
  2. by   Mamisu
    Quote from firrehorse
    Hi Mamisu,I'm not sure but I would think there is a chance you get this semester. You have to consider that things happen and people end up not being able to attend. Also, some students apply to other schools and are waiting to see if they get accepted to another program. So some sits may very well become available
    Ohhh gosh I really hope sooo because I want a real job already! Lol so I really hope I get in this fall because I'm tired of waiting. I can't complain though I've read about applicants being denied entrance and I'm just soo gratefull of being accepted in the program.
  3. by   Rmed4320
    Firehouse, I'm meeting with someone at chilis tue night here in Slidell. If you can make it that would be great. I think we decided on around 6:30
  4. by   learning2care
    Yes please come
  5. by   tom7044
    i remember very well what the "nursing school jitters" were like and the waiting to know was i was going to get into the nursing school . very stressful. my generic program was a three year diploma program in florida the year i applied there were over 800 applications from qualified pre-nursing students. there were only 60 spots for the freshman class that year. i think that nursing schools now are not so much into "scaring you out" or putting so much psychological pressure on students as some nursing schools did at one time. i think the nursing programs in this country are doing their best to turn out high quality nurses that will stick with nursing even during the difficult times and promote their profession through being a "role model" and by good example
    my opinion is that the nursing colleges are attempting to graduate as many qualified and well prepared nurses as possible in the face of the nation's shortage of nurses. unfortunately due to the aging population of highly educated and skilled nursing faculties and the low pay for nursing instructors plus the budget cuts that so many colleges and universities are being hit with, many qualified pre-nursing students are being turned away. be glad that you are accepted; nursing school is stressful yes, impossible no. include your children in your nursing school life make them a part of your day to day school life. one friend gave her daughter the job of collecting and sorting all of her mail and setting aside the important mail. that way the daughter was helping mom get through nursing school.enjoy nursing school there will be many enjoyable times
  6. by   firrehorse
    Thanks, Rmed4320 and Learing2care,

    Unfortuantely I have class on Tuesday nights. I finished my prereqs but took med term 1 and med Dosage class this semester to get a headstart. I would really like to meet with you guys but Weekends and Friday nights are the only night I have free until May. Keep me in mind if you want to get together again.
  7. by   firrehorse
    Okay, it seems like everyone is interested in a meet and greet on both sides of the lake. So, I propose, since several people are going to attend the Open House on April 21, that maybe we could meet at the Open House and then go somewhere close for Lunch/coffee? after those who want to do the tour have done so.

    Any takers???

    I've been to two open houses so I wasn't going to go but if some people would like to meet this may be a great opportunity.

    NorthShore group, we could still plan another meet and greet just for us to get together and set up study groups and carpools.
  8. by   Rmed4320
    I would like to go to open house in the 21. That would be a great way for everyone to meet and have lunch after! Firehorse.. One day over the weekend woukd be good as well. Maybe Starbucks or something. Let me know.
  9. by   Rmed4320
    Tom7044Thank you so much for your post and encouraging thoughts. Really needed that. Happy I was accepted but very nervous as well. Thank you
  10. by   firrehorse

    Weekend would be great. Starbucks would be fine. I'll PM you.
  11. by   Rmed4320
    I'm free this saturday morning or next weekend on Sunday. Yes, starbucks by the mall! I got your pm. Just can't send them. Don't know why..
  12. by   Phi823
    Ok, so wait, are we not meeting at Chili's tomorrow night? We're doing something after Open House? Just checking.
  13. by   Rmed4320
    Are we still on for chilis...