Charity acceptance for Fall '07?

  1. I took the PAX in June and am about to go nuts waiting for my letter of acceptance/denial. Has anyone else received anything? Thanks! Delgado Charity School of Nursing, New Orleans.
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  3. by   Shan504
    Last week I recieved a post card from them saying my pax scores were missing from my application. Thats because I just took it on Oct 14! So just keep your fingers crossed it should be soon I applied for the Fall 07 semester too so good luck to the both of us!
  4. by   jemommyRN
    They just recently sent out Spring 2007 acceptance letters (yes, a few weeks before registration). So, I'm not sure if you will hear anything until the beginning of next year. When I was accepted for the fall semester, i received my letter around Feb, Mar sometime. Not sure if they still do it like that.
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  5. by   mimimartina
    WOW! jemommy, I don't know if my nerves will last out that long of a wait ! According to my Charity pamphlet, the letters "should" be mailed out at the end of November for next fall...I was so hoping to get my answer this month. Thanks for the input.
  6. by   jemommyRN
    well, I really hope you get your letter soon. It's just been my experience that they are usually last minute with admissions, sometimes even the week or DAY before the semester begins. It has been done before. BUT..... I know how nerve-wrecking it can be waiting at the mailbox, so keep your fingers crossed and pray you get your letter soon.
  7. by   Akie
    Hey guys, i am new to this. I got my acceptance letter for fall 07 on Thursday, December 21st. I am really excited!! When i called and asked someone in the office about the status of my file, they told me that letters should be going out in January.......BUT.... i am happy i got mine before Christmas!!! This was the best Christmas present!! I am sure more letters will start going out!! Good Luck to everyone. If there is anyone out there that will be starting next fall 07...send me a personal message....we can start getting stuff ready for next year!!! :spin: One thing that i need to note... i applied in Feb. 06 and i was very patient about the process. When i got the letter it was unexpected!!! I made a 120 on the PAX, an okay score. I really thought i had failed that test!......SO HANG IN THERE!!!
  8. by   Shan504
    Hi Akie,

    Congratulations on your acceptance!!! I'll bet that was a nice christmas present!! I was just wondering when did you take your pax exam? I know you said you applied in Feb 06. I applied for the Fall 2007 semester as well but I took my pax this past october after i sent in my application in August. I was told that I wouldn't be considered until the Spring 08 semester since I took my pax after I submitted the application. I'm holding on to hope though that they'll let me in for the fall 07 instead of the spring 08 semester!!!
  9. by   Akie
    Thanks!! I took the pax in May of this year.
  10. by   jtoddj28
    I took my PAX in June 2006 then applied in July 06. I haven't heard anything yet. I know a few people that just got accepted and they had lower PAX scores and GPA.

    Does anyone know if they are still in the process of sending out letters? Do they usually send them out all at once or in phases? I'm getting nervous now hearing that others are getting letters. I want one too!!
  11. by   mimimartina
    I am still waiting, also took PAX in June, applied earlier this year, Feb or March, not exactly sure,,,hoping letters are going out in alphabetical order,,,that's my tiny thread keeping me hanging on, since my last name is way down the alphabet...good luck to all that are waiting..
  12. by   MsQMC
    i am also waiting to recieve my acceptance letter!!! i am trying like all of you to be very patient. this is a very nerve wrecking situation to be in. i also took an nln exam for nicholls state to test out of ob and pediatrics and of course, due to the holidays i have not recieved my score yet. so all in all i am just having a "wonderful" time wrecking my brains about nursing school period. a couple of my coworkers went to cson and they all said that they did not recieve their acceptance letters until late jan beginning of feb; even though the handbook says mid-december. so good luck to all of you trying to get in for fall 2007. i know how it feels to be checking the mailbox on a daily basis hoping and praying that an acceptance letter is in it. good luck to all of you!!!!! and congratulations to akie
  13. by   jtoddj28
    I called Charity and spoke with someone and she said that all letters were sent out on the 15th of December. I assumed I hadn't gotten in but I still called a different number that she gave me and I actually got through to someone. She said that I had been accepted and a letter was sent. She said many people haven't received letters because of the holiday mail. So if your still waiting on a letter I suggest keep calling or maybe go down there. Or just keep your fingers crossed and keep waiting. I wouldn't think it would take that long for a letter to reach Slidell but they verified my mailing address and it was correct. Good luck to anyone still waiting.
  14. by   mimimartina
    Well, I've been calling for the past 2 days to get info on my fall '07 status...left 2 messages after the voice mail box was full for several days. Still no return call. I am really getting frustrated,,I requested a packet from OLOL in Baton Rouge. Anyone have any input on this school?