Anyone work at LSU, WK, or Christus Schumpert in Shreve?

  1. I graduate in May and am really wanting to work NICU. Does anyone know how hard it is to get hired into NICU at any of these places? Im live in between Shreveport and Monroe so can go either way and am currently a tech in a Level 2/Level 3 NICU so am getting some experience.
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  3. by   ashbeth78
    One of my friends I graduated LSUS with, her mom is one of the charge nurses in the NICU at Christus Shumpert. I know from talking with her you have a few years of exspiernce in peds & in ICU.
  4. by   Katie71275
    Thank you! That's good to know.
  5. by   mwc1230
    Several of the NICU nurses at Sutton's told us during clinical they were hired as new grads so if you see a position open, definitely apply!
  6. by   Katie71275
    Thank you mwc! I need to talk to my step sister soon as she works there lol!! Just didn't want to seem like I was fishing for a way in!
  7. by   mwc1230
    No problem! Good luck!!!
  8. by   msgriffith
    My best friend was hired at Shumpert not long after she graduated! Never hurts to apply!!
  9. by   msgriffith
    In the nicu and still is employed there*
  10. by   Katie71275
    Thanks msgriffith!