Afraid to quit my job to go to nursing school

  1. I have been on my job for seven years. I have ok benefits and pay. Raises are only 3% per year and there is no room for advancement. But with all that I still have an income. I'm reading a lot of nursing blogs and new grads cant find jobs. I'm afraid of giving up my job and not finding another one when I graduate. Does anyone else share this fear?
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  3. by   Tae Boogie, LPN
    I have done it and have no regrets. I was with my previous job for 5 years and I decide to leave because when I was accepted into nursing school, and they would not work around my school schedule, so I decide to leave. I will be graduating next month.

    If you are in the position to leave your job to go back to school, then by all means step out on faith. I don't know what your situation entails, but I still live with my parents and I am blessed that they have supported my decision to leave my job so I can go back to school to pursue nursing. I am not married and don't have kids. The only bills I have is my car note, car insurance, cell phone and debt payment. I know everyone does not have the option to just up and leave their job like I did.

    I still did part time work (work at a fast food restaurant for 3 months, babysat a college friend's daughter for another 3 months, and I currently work at an endoscopy center), but at least it was around my school schedule. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it work.
  4. by   amzyRN
    Your concerns are valid. Had I known what the job market would have been like, I might have gone a different direction. I did finally manage to find a job, however. But, you never know what the future is going to be like. I know some researchers speculate that there will be a nursing shortage, but they don't know for sure. Also, schools keep graduating tons of new grads every semester. If it's your calling to be a nurse, I'd say go for it. If you want to do it for a good paycheck, I'd find something else. Also, here in CA nurses took a pay cut in the SF Bay Area. It's still very high compared to the rest of the country though. I would talk to some more people about it and maybe do some shadowing of nurses to see what they do first.
  5. by   shawn39
    Thanks guys for your comments. I have made the decision to quit my job. I gave my boss my letter of resignation today. The reality is there are no gurantees even if I stay on my current job, I could get laid off. This year alone in my office they have laid off 4 people. I have to do my best to help support my family.
  6. by   shawn39
    How long did it take you to find a job?
  7. by   amzyRN
    With full time looking about 6 months to 1 year. I did additional unpaid training in the mean time.
  8. by   Katie71275
    Shawn-Where do you live and what nursing school will you go to?
    I live in North LA(near Ruston) and attend La Tech. I quit my job(very scary since my hubby and I have 4 kids to feed!) but we have made it on his salary. I am seeing a LOT of the Tech grads get hired quickly...especially if they work as nurse techs prior to gives the hospital a chance to see if this is a person they would like to hire(in fact I'd say that 100% of all the students I know that graduated in the last 6 months who were also nurse techs....found employment with that same hospital right after graduation.
  9. by   nurseflow
    Hi shawn 39. I recently quit my job. I will be attending Charity in the fall. I heard you are going to need all the time you have. It may be best to quit to benefit from the nursing program. I just cut my expenses as much as I could. When and where will you be attending school?
  10. by   shawn39

    I live in Marrero which is across the river from New Orleans. I will be attending Charity School of Nursing and I have 3 kids. Thank you so much for the incouragement I really need it right now.
  11. by   shawn39

    I'm also attending Charity in the fall. I have a friend who attended Charity in the Spring and tried to work and she failed 3 test and had to withdraw. I want to give myself the best chance possible to graduate. What sections are you registered in?
  12. by   Katie71275
    I think it is completely doable! Good luck!
  13. by   nurseflow
    Hey! I live on the westbank as well. I also have 3 children. The youngest is 4months old. I read another post which indicated we are in the same clinical course. YAY! It's nice to meet you! Glad to meet people like me!
  14. by   shawn39
    I'm so glad to meet you. I have felt alone in this process. Hope to meet you at orientation.