Afraid to quit my job to go to nursing school

U.S.A. Louisiana


I have been on my job for seven years. I have ok benefits and pay. Raises are only 3% per year and there is no room for advancement. But with all that I still have an income. I'm reading a lot of nursing blogs and new grads cant find jobs. I'm afraid of giving up my job and not finding another one when I graduate. Does anyone else share this fear?

I'm so glad to meet you. I have felt alone in this process. Hope to meet you at orientation.

I did the same thing. I quit my relatively decent paying job of 6 years to go back. We have 2 kids and it's been a rough road. But I graduate in 4 months and I'm hopeful that I will be offered a job in the ER I've been a tech in. I highly recommend trying to find a tech job somewhere. PRN, so you can work as little as you have to when school is in session.

Good luck to you!

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