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  1. I am applying to the accelerated OLOL program and have no health or medical experience. Should I come right out and state that in my essay or will it haunt me later in my interview?
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  3. by   dsoginer
    Hi, good luck. I had my interview last week and they did ask me about my lack of medical experience. I understood that it might be a problem for getting into the school but you have to be honest because that will most definitely keep you out. I handled that problem in my essay by telling about the family members I took care of during life threatening illnesses. If you do not have that experience then tell them why you believe not having this type of background would not be a problem. Very few people go into the nursing profession with extensive medical background so I would think that those who apply with this experience would have first preference but I would imagine there will be other criteria they will look at. At least that is my hope, because otherwise I am not in for this fall.
  4. by   504NURSINGDUDE
    Thank you for the reply dsoginer. How was the interview? was there anything that you all discussed that you were unpreprared for?
  5. by   dsoginer
    I am not discussing interview questions because that is not fair to other applicants. However, they did ask standard questions. I had purchased Two Hundred Interview Questions to practice and they must have bought the same book
  6. by   Dallas_RN
    Not sure about the current class but my class (2006) 50% had previous experience and 50% did not. Having experience helps but is NOT a deal breaker. Good luck.
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    I think we know each other CoreyTKE. Thanks for the tip about the program. It is really appreciated.
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