Lots of Math Questions......Really????

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:o Hi All,

I am a Canadaian R.N. about to write the NCLEX ...I have read on here that someone got a lot of math questions...can anyone else say this is so......Math is not my thing!!

Also can I bring a back support for the chair when doing the exam?

thanks muchly :)


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Just took NCLEX yesterday..we'll see how I did...but I had about 78 questions with 4 or 5 being math...and they were VERY SIMPLE questions...like if you have to give 50mg of "drug" and you have 25mg tabs how many do you give? a few were a little harder than that but not much....

As far as the back support...I don't think they will let you but the chairs were comfortable....I think all the centers have to comply with standards so you won't find any old rickety chairs in them!


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thanks Duckgirl...I feel so much better......let us know how you do...

best Canadiana


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No math questions on my NCLEX.

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