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Lost, tired and need a change

Nurse Beth   (287 Views | 1 Replies)
by Nurse Beth Nurse Beth, MSN (Columnist) Educator Writer Innovator Expert Nurse

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I have been a nurse 14 years worked in ortho/neuro/tele and psych (two different jobs). I have an associate degree. I am feeling like I don't want to do bedside nursing anymore because I feel I have to slow down a bit due to physical effects of the job. I am not sure which route to turn to was thinking maybe informatics, case management/utilitization review, chart auditing, forensics or working in legal arena. I however would like to get a somewhat feel for these before I jump in any of them to see if it is something I would like. Where/how can I maybe take some intro courses or link up somewhere to talk to someone with info?

I am leaning towards maybe wanting to work for a disability insurance company as I have seen many in my fields of work needing that and have had family members in need of it (I also got hurt at work a few years ago and worked with a workers comp company and was very intrigued and impressed and wanted to help others like myself). I do however have a strong interest in the legal system and psychology.

I have a very strong attention to detail and have been told by many including the case managers that my documentation alone is very helpful to get reimbursement. I have good listening skills as well and can work well independently (I work as the only RN on a psych floor with 1 other staff member with no medical background) but also have a team mentality when it is for good of the floor and patients.

Help I am lost, tired and need a change. Also maybe looking to work from home if possible.

Dear Lost and Tired,

You have a lot of aptitude with your attention to detail, documentation and listening skills.

But you don't have something very important, which is your BSN. The first thing I would do is enroll in school and complete your education. Not having your BSN will limit you from career choices that may suit you perfectly.

You are at that point where you need to prepare for the middle and end of your career, away from the bedside.

While you are in school, you will meet others in different specialties and begin to get a better idea of what you want.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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Hoosier_RN has 27 years experience as a MSN and specializes in LTC, home health, hospice, ICU, ER, dialysis.

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Another thing to consider, currently, many are leaving the bedside in droves due to the current virus. Some of these jobs are in very short supply, and competitive to say the least. As Nurse Beth said, that BSN is a necessity

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