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You could look up some insurance companies and see what positions they have open. Pretty much all of them hire nurses and they are usually work from home positions. I have worked for 2 insurance companies as an RN and at both places I got all the holidays off, work M-F only, and no on call or weekends.

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I just started teaching nursing at a technical college and feel like a new person. I no longer dread work or pray for low census. I am working more for less pay but my mental health is worth it. I stopped my Celexa and I no longer think about reaching for the ETOH when I get home from work. After 22 years, I am actually looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas because I won't be to exhausted to enjoy them.

My old unit is still bleeding staff, but management doesn't seem to care. The facility's mission is to heal, but all they talk about is money, budget, and reimbursement. The CEO gets a million dollars a year, but a RN who clocks out a minute late gets "counseled".

OP, wishing you the best.


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Junebug903 that really sucks when you feel that way. I feel like I use to be a nicer person also. Kepp looking outside of what you are doing for greener pastures...that's what I'm doing.


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I think my other problem is that my dad is chronically ill. he is a type 2 diabetic and I would say he's in the end stages of his disease. Watching him suffer is so different from watching any of my other patients and it makes it much harder for me to take care of patients that are similar in circumstance to my father. I just frequently feel so emotionally raw and its leaking into my daily nursing functions which is not good.