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So i've graduated nursing school 2 years ago and took the nclex with my friends two months after graduating and everyone in my graduating class passed but two people and me being one of the two. I tried almost everything there is to do to study what i can study. I try to review over and over again and some information just will not stick. :sniff: To this day i have already taken the test 3 times. I am scheduled to take it again next month but seriously thinking about rescheduling again. All my friends are working now and getting their experience. What i notice is that when we talk i can answer their questions that they may have and help them but when it comes to myself in helping myself study..its hard for me. I do have to admit that i get very anxious and nervous everytime i step foot into the testing center and once i sit down and read the first question i feel as if i just go blank. After all my studying and reviewing, it just goes out the door. my family has a background of people in the medical field and i feel as if i am the one looking stupid. I have tried kaplan review, hurst review, and i have almost all the different kinds of nclex study books there are in the book stores and i just dont know what i am doing wrong. There is one study prep that i was told about and was wondering if anyone ever heard of it and if it does help...it is called the audiolearn nclex prep. Anyone heard of it? And if there are any tips anyone can give me with trying to have this information just stay in there?? thanks for anyones help.


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try hurst online...it help me a lot...

thank you gigarn1011....but how were you able to retain all that information

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You need to learn CONCEPTS not individual pieces of information. I had a great NCLEX prep book by Mosby. Came with a disk and a book. The questions were the same regardless, so my wife would have the disk and I would have the book (I need to see the question in order to understand it), I would answer the questions and she would put it in the computer and if wrong, I got rationale right away.

Study partners help. The 4 weeks prior to my NCLEX I probably put in at least 50 - 60 hours a week studying. I had multiple NCLEX books. Saunders is a good one to.