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Looks like I'll be applying for Spring 2009!

by Matka Matka Member

I went to meet with an academic advisor for my pre-req's on Thursday, and she told me that based on the number of classes I plan to take starting this summer, that I should be good to apply for Spring 2009 for clinicals!

That seems so fast! But I'm really excited!

I start Psychology in mid-May, then will take Communications (a requirement) for 3 weeks in July, and will also take English Comp this summer. (I was hoping that English comp would be eliminated as I already have 2 degrees, but they wouldn't take my old classes). So, in the fall, I'll take A&P 1 and Chemistry, along with two other yet to be determined classes, in order to keep full time status. With those 5 pre-req classes, done, my academic advisor said that I should apply for Spring 2009!

She also gave me the break down for entrance requirements. Its based on GPA and TEAS only. Last few years the GPA has been minimum of 3.3 and TEAS of 75%. I think I can do that! :wink2:


Good Luck to you!

I am also looking at applying for Spring 2009 Nursing school start. I am currently taking Nutrition, Human Development, Anthropology (Cultural Understanding prereq) and Microbiology. I am taking another cultural understanding course, A & P 1 & 2 accelerated in the Fall. I am excited and nervous since I just returned to school this semester after 14 years. I willl be juggling school, my 2 little boys and my husband who is a police officer.

You will do great and enjoy the journey.


Please can you tell me the nursing school you are applying to for the spring 2009, because I am trying to get into a nursing scholl after having to wait a year and a half. Or do you know where I can get a list of those schools.


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Congrats! I'm trying to do the same thing as you...getting as many pre-reqs out of the way before I apply to increase my chances of getting in! I know it's a few months off but good luck on your acceptance!

I(I was hoping that English comp would be eliminated as I already have 2 degrees, but they wouldn't take my old classes).

This kind of stuff makes me crazy, and I hear about it all the time from other students. I have a P freaking h.D. and my cc wanted me to take English Comp II again. I TAUGHT English comp full-time at a major university! :bugeyes: They finally relented. I mean, do they think I or kbbruner or anyone will FORGET how to write? :lol2:

Just another excuse to collect more tuition, I think... :banghead:

I went to www.discovernursing.com to find schools in my area. It's the Johnson and Johnson site that promotes nursing, but I found it extremely helpful.

I'm starting my RN clinicals in Jan '09!!! I'm SO excited! Good luck to all of you.

Yay! Me too. I am finishing up my application this week. Exciting, isnt it?

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