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Looking for work... easier said than done.

gleasm gleasm (New) New

Here's my situation...

I graduate from a school with my 2 year degree in nursing in Florida.

I want to live in Reno, NV, or become a traveling nurse. There are no graduate jobs available here until August. Problem is, Reno is 2000 miles west of me and I am completely broke. Hospitals won't hire me as a CNA/PCT/ACP because when I do get my RN, they'll have to pay me more, if there is even a nursing position available. Most hospitals here require 1 year of experience, and not to mention with 7+ nursing schools in town churning out students, jobs are scarce. I'd love to do travel nursing, but I don't think they would hire new grads.

Who has an idea of what I should do? I have exhausted the options I know.

Are there any graduate nurse jobs out there for traveling nurses?


roser13, ASN, RN

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Most, if not all, travelling/agency nursing positions require at least 1 year of experience (with good reason).


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I feel your dilemma because i was in your shoes a year ago. Traveling is not for new grad and nowadays traveling job are down. you have to network get your feet on a hospital door. get some cash flow going get a year experience then you can move.Best luck to You


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I don't think that any reputable agency would hire a new grad for travel...I traveled for several years and it was great=however, you need to be able to hit the floor running. They expect questions like "where do you keep the IV start kits"-but not general nursing questions.

I live in So Florida and the job market is VERY tight. I know a new grad who has been looking for over 1 year. I also have 2 friends with alot of experience in ICU and Tele who have been looking for over 6months.

Just keep at it. Get at least 1 full year of experience under your belt, altho I think more is better and then travel. It is a great gig!

The same is true for HHC-it really takes some experience to be able to judge what is happening with a patient when you are on your own.

Good Luck,


I feel your pain. Here in Ca, the grass is not greener also. We just have to wait and see whats in store for us. Otherwise we might have to take a non nursing position.


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