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Looking for suggestions for good scrub pants

by Sally_ Sally_ (New) New

I fell in absolute love with Peaches Comfort Pants, but I've been having trouble finding colors/size I want, and want to mix it up a little. There's only a couple stores that carry scrubs in my area and their selection isn't stellar. It seems like online is the best way to go, but I want to do some research and get opinions first. So I really really appreciate any recommendations and suggestions anyone can give me.

There a few things I'm looking for in a new pant lightweight soft fabric, straight or bootcut legs, and a comfortable waistband is really important. Cargo pockets are preferable, and anything low rise is a no go. So is there anything that can fit the bill?

poppycat, ADN, BSN

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I buy scrubs online from Scrubsandbeyond.com (Life Uniform). My favorite pants are Landau with the permanent crease down the front. They fit well, are straight leg, and the waistband isn't binding (all elastic). They also wear extremely well.

I wear WonderWink Wonderflex. I like them because I'm short and heavier and they go up to 3X in Petite. I have just about every color they offer and they do have tops/long sleeve tshirts to match or you can get any of a number of print tops. I get them from Uniformadvantage.com. They also have drawstring AND elastic waistband.

Luckyyou, BSN, RN

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The wonderwink four-stretch fold over waistband ones are AMAZING....just wish they had back pockets.


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Tafford essentials are nice scrubs, they come in various fits and usually have both an elastic and drawstring waist, they're also the cheapest scrubs I can find but they're great quality. The tops run a little big but the pants are true to size